10 Best and Free Apps to Block Unwanted and Spam Calls

When you busy in important work then you are irritating from unknown calls. Those calls disturb you again & again and you cannot work properly with concentrate. And someone calls you constantly and you don’t want to answer the call. Then you might want to block them.

Nowadays the maximum phone provides call and SMS blocker features inbuilt in the phone but still many don’t. But here we share best call blocker apps with extra features which help unknown call and SMS blocking. These applications give you full control over who can get in touch with you and who can’t.

Best and Free Apps to Block Unwanted and Spam Calls

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is call blocker and call identify app. Millions of people trust truecaller because it commination needs is great. It filters the unknown call & SMS and blocks the unwanted number. It is simple in use and over 500 million users download it.


Key features:

• Powerful Dialer

• Block and identify unknown SMS

• Delete number

• See Call history

• Flash messaging

• Call me back

Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up Rating: 4.5 Available on: Android

2. Calls Blacklist

Call Blacklist application is both a call blocker and an SMS filter. You can without much of a stretch piece calls and messages from any undesirable, private or unknown numbers. In this app, automatically saves and create the data of blocked call. You can block the number in your contact list also and whatever you do, you will not disturb by unknown call and SMS. It is easy to use and lightweight.

Calls Blacklist

Key features:

• Whitelist (never blocked numbers)

• Blacklist (list of blocked numbers)

• Schedule option

• Remove Ads

• Bugs fix

• Give notification of block

• Block number save in blacklist

• Block unknown number and SMS

Requires Android: varies with devices Rating: 4.5 Available on: Android

3. Safest Call Blocker

Safest Call Blocker is best rapidly and effectively makes your own particular call blacklist. You can block any number not in your contacts list, from your call log or include undesirable numbers physically. You can block robot calls, block calls and add wildcards for 800 numbers.

Safest Call Blocker

Key features:

• Create personal blacklist

• Clean phone log

• Improved Translations

• Bug Fixes

• Get notification

• Block unknown number automatically

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up Rating: 4.4 Available on: Android

4. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is the best easy way block the unwanted call and SMS by hang up method. You can block both national and international number. You can search a number of its contact list. It is used for stop spam, scam, fraud and stops telemarketers. It is automatically lookup all callers in your recent calls and SMS for free. It is a free and lightweight app.

Mr. Number

Key features:

• Hidden numbers

• Intercept calls from unknown numbers and sends to voicemail

• To warn other users it provides the report of spam calls and SMS

• Automatic caller lookup

• Blocked call history

• Identify the number

Requires Android: varies with devices Rating: 4.3 Available on: Android

5. Caller ID, Block Calls & Texts

Caller ID, Block Calls & Texts is the best app for blocking the calls and SMS. From it, you can easily find out the caller ID. This app provides full information about an unknown number like location, name etc. It also creates the block list. This app has lightweight and easy to use. You can use free caller ID service along with automatic spam filtering.

Caller ID, Block Calls & Texts

Key features:

• Password option for protecting call

• Automatic updates the spam

• Automatic block the call

• Hidden numbers

• Block the number and SMS

Requires Android: 2.3 and up Rating: 4.3 Available on: Android

6. Call Blocker

Call blocker is the most effective call blocking the app. You can easily block the unwanted call, MMS and SMS text. You can easily identify the number. You can protect blocked calls and messages with a password.

call blocker

Key features:

• Magnificent security assurance – secret key insurance

• Block undesirable and spam calls, and MMS and SMS/Text Messages

• Blocked calls don’t ring! Send calls to voice message, or hang up on the guest.

• Individual Blacklist

• Individual Whitelist

• Pickup and hang up mode

Requires Android: 3.0 and up Rating: 4.1 Available on: Android

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7. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer is a free versatile security application ensuring you against spontaneous, costly, undesirable or obscure calls. This app is amazing all over the list. It is so popular app cause of call rating features. You can block calls from hidden numbers, premium rate numbers, foreign countries, negative rated numbers and numbers defined on the private block list.

Should I Answer?

Key features:

• Works offline

• Fast access to write own review

• Hidden contact

• Notification option

• Call history

• Display rating

Requires Android: 2.3 and up Rating: 4.8 Available on: Android

8. Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is another application for call and SMS blocking. This app blocks and filters the unwanted call and SMS automatically. Blacklist is a powerful call blocker. Blacklist Plus is a flawless call blocker that can in a flash hang up undesirable call or basically turn their sound, contingent upon what square strategy you have chosen. Regardless of what your decision is, your phone call log will be cleared of all hints of the blocked calls.

Blacklist Plus

Key features:

• Provide four block modes

• Variety of setting

• User-friendly interface

• Very easy and stable

• Mute or hand up the option

Requires Android: 2.1 and up Rating: 4.3 Available on: Android

9. Call Control

Call control is the best app for call blocking. In this app, you can block unwanted call and SMS. It is easy to use. You can Block the robocalls, telemarketers and common scams. Millions of users trusted the Call Control – call blocker app. This app use for identifies the unknown number similar to truecaller.

Call Control

Key features:

• Automatically block spam calls

• Enhanced the caller ID

• Individual blacklist

• Do Not Disturb

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up Rating: 4.3 Available on: Android

10. Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme call blocker is one of the best call and SMS blocking the app. In this app, you can protect from unwanted call and SMS. You can identify the unknown number from this app. It is easy to use and lightweight app. This app gives you block number call history which is automatically saved. It is an automatic update.

Extreme Call Blocker

Key features:

• FCC Spam List

• Provide blacklist and whitelist

• Protect from private SMS

• Send voicemail

• Schedule Blocking

• Private Message Vault

• Password protect

• Fixed a few crash issues

Required Android: Varies with Device Rating: 4.3 Available on: Android

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