5 Best Learning Apps For Kids! Tips You Will Read This Year

As the growth in the education sector is rapidly increasing, various companies are creating learning app has been created for the kids. At present, there are many learning apps for kids, but if we talk about the top 5 leaning apps for the kids, then it must include the following names:

Top Leaning Apps for Kids


Duolingo is a language learning app of India which is completely free. More than 15 cores of people use this app to learn Spanish, French, English, and German. It is widely used in Germany, France, UK, India, Mexico, Australia, USA, and Canada. Anyone after installing this app can learn 2,000 words & 8,000 sentences in more than 20,000 different exercises & games.one of the main feature of this app is that one can Speak English and learn the right way to pronounce words.


This app also provides fun word games so that one can improve their grammar. Along with it, this app uses very low data, it is free and fast. There is an optional premium version with some extra amount if anyone wants them.

2. ClassDojo:

Classdojo is the best app if someone is looking for the classroom version of learning based apps. Around 180 countries are using this app and also user friendly. It can work on computers, phones, tablets, smart boards. It’s an amazing, secure, and simple communication app for all teachers, parents, and students. This app allows teachers to build a good classroom culture as they can communicate with the parents and can encourage them for their work. Students can add their classwork easily to their digital portfolios.

ClassDojo App

Teamwork, as well as skills like working hard, can be encouraged by teachers through this app. Also teachers have the access to message with any parent. Parents are also welcome in the classroom experience as they can share videos and photos. Parents have the access to their child’s work at home and can see a number of videos from school one of the best feature of this app are that one can have all their favorite teachers tools as group maker and noise meter in one place.it is free for all.

3. BYJU’S:

Byju’s is one of the best learning-based app which has a coverage of 16 million people worldwide.one can learn, test, analyze, revise and beyond.it has best lessons by India’s teachers and it provides the fundamentals of the subject with practical use of them. It has test modules, one can give test to check their performance and it provides feedback for improvement. And also customized learning is one of the main features of this app.it is a mobile application which provides courses for all the classes.

Byju’s App

It provides interactive sessions through videos and these videos are based on world-class technology. The teacher deeply makes the student learn the concept in a funny way. Content of the lectures is appreciable.

4. Google classroom:

Google is yet another best learning app based on virtual environment. Students, teachers, and parents can interact with each other. Schools, nonprofit organizations and anyone having a personal Google account can avail this free service. It makes easy for instructors and learners to connect at both inside and outside of schools. It saves time and is paperless, and makes easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate and stay organized. Through the use of classroom, teachers can instantly send announcements and start class discussions.

Google Classroom App

It is Affordable, free and secure. It does not contain ads, never uses student content or data for advertising purposes. Schools, nonprofit organizations and anyone having a personal Google account can avail this free service.
Students can easily view their assignments on assignment tab and access their class material in Google drive, this is how it helps in providing an organized platform.

5. Amazon kindle:

Amazon kindle is a good app for kids as it encourages the habit of reading in kids. Through the use of kindle, one can have access to several books, he can choose the book of his interest and can read the book anywhere in the digitalized manner. The books are user-friendly and one can pick from more than one million free e-books. One can also buy the book of his interest from the huge collection on kindle.

Amazon Kindle App

The Kindle app has a built-in dictionary that allows the user to look up words simultaneously while reading the books. You just have to press and hold a word to view its meaning or use the Google and Wikipedia links to get more information. The first chapter of the book is free before buying.

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