Best Siri Alternative – Siri For Android Virtual Assistance App

There is no doubt iOS is best and popular device in the world. When iOS comes with their popular software named Siri the popularity of this device is an increase.

Siri is a work in intelligent assistant that empowers clients of Apple iPhone 4S and later and more up to date iPad and iPod Touch device to talk characteristic dialect voice summons keeping in mind the end goal to work the cell phone and its applications.

Siri alternatives for Android

Most of the people want Siri in the Android device but are not possible. But Google makes Siri Alternative Virtual Assistance App which is used in your android device. So here we share the Best Free Siri-like Apps for Android.
Best Siri Alternative Virtual Assistance App: Siri for Android

1.    Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant was discharged by Nuance Communications. It accompanies the fundamental components so you can expect really standard usefulness. This one incorporates something many refer to as Attentive Mode which enables it to be actuated notwithstanding when the screen is off and bolted. You can likewise pick between a few voices and even name your right hand what you need. It’s one of the more underrated individual aide applications.

Dragon Mobile Assistant


  • Create your own voiceprint.
  • Set reminders, make appointments, and search the internet without lifting a finger.
  • Turn on Attentive Mode to wake up your assistant at any time.
  • Send and receive SMS without lifting a finger.

Rating: 4.5

2.    Cyman Mark 2 Free

Cyman is your advanced head servant or virtual associate. This voice associate is a conversational programming apparatus intended to help sort out yourself, robotize undertakings, discover data, and in the long run interface with your home. Cyman Mark 2 is one of the lesser known individual aide applications. It has pro version ($4.59).

Cyman Mark 2 Free


  • Language translation.
  • Task list management.
  • Alarm setup.
  • Unit conversion and Scheduled commands.
  • Local and international weather information.

Rating: 4.5

3.    Google Now

Google now is best Siri alternative virtual assistance application. It is very helpful for Android users. It comes with great features. You can find quick answers, explore your interests, and get a feed of updates on what matters to you. You can know easily about live sports scores and schedules, Movies times, casts, and reviews only just one tab.

Google Now


  • Get information about climate and news.
  • Get refreshes on games, motion pictures, and occasions.
  • Track the most recent securities exchange changes.
  • Get information and updates about your interests.

Rating: 4.4

4.    Cortana

Cortana is best personal assistant app. Cortana is a really individual right hand who becomes more acquainted with you better all the time so she can help track the things you’re energetic about, similar to your most loved craftsman or games group, and give you more intelligent proposals.



  • To call people,
  • Send SMS and email,
  •  Track packages,
  • Tell jokes & take notes,
  • Add stuff to your calendar

Rating: 4.2

5.    Jarvis

Jarvis is a one of a kind novelty personal assistant app with cool Functions. Jarvis currently supports only English language. As your personal assistant, it will keep you informed about current weather, latest news, calls, text messages and more. It is free and paid version also available.



  • Automatic wallpaper update.
  • Get voice Notification.
  • Set quick wake up alarm.
  • Dynamic in conversation.
  • Bluetooth Control.

Rating: 4.1

6.    Robin

Robin is an individual associate that can be both valuable and fun, always learning and adjusting to you. Robin is your voice right hand out and about, bringing you messaging by voice, nearby data, GPS route, and even jokes while keeping your eyes out and about. It is totally free application. Aside from that, everything is very spotless and smooth with an expert touch.



  • Making Calls.
  • Text messages.
  • Email & adding a contact.
  • Get gas stations and traffic.

Rating: 4.1

7.    Hound

Hound is best personal assistant applications. You can find anything without lifting a finger. You can search, discover and play music. You just talking like “OK Hound” find what you want. It is simple to use and free to download.



  •  Set alarms and timers.
  • Get news
  • Get calculations.
  • Get weather forecast.

Rating: 4.1

8.    AIVC (Alice)

AlVC is working like your personal assistant.  Alice can enable you to do things rapidly and effortlessly.
With Alice, Android users get a supportive associate close by, which sees something other than orders. You can have a discussion with Alice, give her directions or request general terms of data. You can also ask it about fun facts about stats, stocks, and more. It is very useful applications like Siri.

AIVC (Alice)


  •  Making calls.
  • Setup alarms,
  • Search images.
  • Send messages.
  • Websearch & Calculator. 
  • Weather.

Rating: 3.9 Price: $3.11

9.    Assistant (Siri Alternative)

This is most likely one of the nearest to the virtual help application Siri. It is the most precise and just about an indistinguishable variant of Siri with the capacities and undertakings it can perform. It is equipped for making telephone calls, sending messages, set up a meeting, and so forth. The application has awesome voice acknowledgment capacities and henceforth it additionally enables you to explore through the maps. So, it is only a reproduction of Siri Virtual help application.



  • Making calls.
  • Sending messages.
  • Set up a meeting.
  • Get information and updates about your interests.

At the very least, the application is free to download and use to see if you like it.

10.    Skyvi

Skyvi is one the best virtual help application on Android with its easy to use interface and basic standpoint. It has advanced features. The voice messaging is impressive is an incredible ordeal, it will store all the alternate ways, names and different things for moment acknowledgment.



  • Talk to your internet
  • Making calls
  • Send messages

It is the free application. As of now, it is currently unavailable. It would be ready soon. It gives to you a
smooth easy to use condition.

11.     EVA Free

If you are looking for an application that provides hands-free operation of your phone then EVA is right for you. EVA free provides free trial version. It incorporates an effective Profiles include that enables you to change heaps of settings on your phone in one moment basically by changing the Profile.

  EVA Free

EVA has every one of the capacities you’d anticipate that your right hand will perform in addition to some that you likely never knew were conceivable.


  • Voice bookmarks to your favorite web site.
  • Remote control your phone over Google Talk.
  • Car mode.
  • Integration with Google, Evernote, and Tasker.

Rating: 3.7

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