15 Best Apps like Zoom to make Conference Calls [Alternatives]

Zoom is a popular video conferencing application, used primarily by businesses to host meetings with local or international colleagues, employees and clients.

It also supports unlimited one on one meetings, chatting, screen sharing, etc. If using apple products Group face time (End to end encrypted) can be used to replace zoom meetings and if using Microsoft products, Skype (not End to end encrypted) & Microsoft Teams are the best alternatives.

The versions are available both free and paid. Free Zoom offers conferencing up to 100 participants for about 40 minutes while the paid version removes the time limit and offers up to 1000 participants.

Why people are using Zoom?

Since everyone knows it’s an app for video chat & conferencing and during this Covid-19 crisis it’s there is an extreme growth of million daily users. As people are using this app for online classes, Work from home meetings with clients.

This provides a secure and fast way to communicate with teams without travelling from one place to another and also in a very minimal time.

Meetings are being structured with improved communication due to which participants are more in sync, decisions are made faster increasing the productivity.

Pros of Zoom Conference Software

1. Video conferencing meetings are becoming more popular than voice over a call.

2. Video chats can even be recorded for later use.

3. It has potential to engage up to 1000 participants at once from all over the world.

4. Easy to schedule an event and invite guests for conferencing.

5. The services provided by zoom are screen sharing, recording calls

Con’s of Zoom Software

1. One of the cons is that it allows only a limit of 40 minutes of conferencing for free users.

2. Video quality is not so good for the mobile version as compared to the desktop version.

3. It also requires very strong internet connectivity otherwise you may face some lags during the meeting.

4. Apple Airpods are not supported with this software.

5. If you are thinking of using Webinar functionality you need to pay extra.

Here are a few alternatives to Zoom

1. FACETIMEThis is a video calling app developed by Apple and supported in IOS devices. People who are part of meeting or chat and have access to apple device can use this app. Unlike Zoom, it uses end to end encryption which means even the apple can’t read or view your chats.

2. SKYPE Another free video /audio conferencing app which is stable, supports large number of group chats and you don’t need an account to use it. Although the video calls are encrypted but the app is not end to end encrypted. Unlike Zoom, it also does not have meeting organization tools. It also supports web, windows, IOS, Android.

3. GOOGLE HANGOUTS A communication software/app developed by google. This includes both free and paid versions .Paid version allows to have conferencing up to 250 members and hold presentation, meetings can also be recorded & saved to drive. Free Version can connect up to 150 members, but it neither has presentation features nor allows to record calls.

4. SIGNAL It is a highly private, secure and free app. Like Apple’s facetime this app is also end to end encrypted, powered by open source. Despite of the fact that it’s highly secure app, Unlike Zoom it does not supports group video conferencing so it is really for use when you are having one to one communication with anybody.

5. MICROSOFT TEAMS Microsoft Teams is the video meeting choice for businesses using office 365. It is paid software. It does not offers standard video organizing tools like recording the meetings and screen sharing.

6. ZOHO MEETINGS This is the paid but affordable video conferencing tool which allows up to 100 members to join. The videos here are end to end encrypted. This also provides a number of meeting tools like screen sharing, recording meetings and other moderations like muting participants. The users can access the meeting through a link  without getting signed in  for logged in. The pricing starts with$8 per month.

7. JITSIJitsi is a free and secure open source video conferencing app offering multiple video chatting features without creating an account. All the information that leaves your device is encrypted but it is not end to end encrypted. If there are many people in the video call it becomes a little edgy and is still improving.

8. CISCO WEBEX MEETINGS Another collaboration app used for group chats, video call, white boarding, messaging & sharing files or documents. It can engage up to 3 to 200 members in any meeting. This app also allows you to share your screen.

9. DISCORD Discord basically a free zoom alternative app used for chatting, video calling or voice calling. This app is mostly used by Gamers while playing their games they can communicate with each other. This app is available on both IOS & Android and can engage up to 50 users.

10. GOTO MEETINGS – It is a paid web hosted video conferencing software created by LogMeIn. The entry plan allows 150 participants, while the enterprise plan allows up to 3,000 participants. The services offered here are video calling, recording calls, screen sharing. Accessible on web browsers, android, IOS, Mac, Linux.

11. Whatsapp messengerThis is a free messaging app for sharing photos, videos, location, document and voice messages. It always keep you logged in so no doubt about login in and logout without missing any messages. It allows up to 4 people in a group video chat.

12. DuoThis is a high quality video calling app by google. it works on almost all Smartphones, tablet, google nest and also on web. It supports upto 8 people in a group video call. This appalso provide funny effect for sending personalized video messages messages.

13. IMOImo is a one of the free, faster and instant video calling app. it can create a room of upto 6 members. This app can also be used for sending large videos and document and also it provides more than hundred of stickers.

14. BOTIMBotim is one of the best free VoIP calling app which is encrypted and unlocked in almost all countries. IT provides group chat of up to 500 members.

15. PINNGLEPinngle is a one more app which have accessibility through worldwide. This app also provides virtual number (Local number) in another country.

Which is the best Zoom alternative?

Zoom comprises of a lot of features such as Zoom call, Zoom meeting, and more. It is unfortunate how such a video conference tool with high potential resorted to sending user data to Facebook through their iOS app. Nevertheless, all the above-mentioned Zoom alternatives are a great way to host meetings, and if there is one great tool, it would be CISCO WEBEX MEETINGS, which offers a lot of features at a reasonable price. Again, we would suggest you try the one suited to your requirements.

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