Top Best Child Tracking Apps

Today there are many applications available for android as well as iPhone devices that can help parents in tracking their kid’s location any time. Such applications are known as the child-tracking apps. With the help of these applications, parents and guardians can easily know about the location of their child and his/her other activities.

Online there are many child-tracking apps available that can help the parents to know whether their child is hiding something from them such as location, social media activities, messages etc. If you are also looking for such solution that can help you in tracking the activities of your child then the solution is here.

Check out the list of Top best child-tracking apps now

1.     FamiSafe Child Tracker

This app is designed for business employers and parents to track employees and kids respectively. This app is a monitoring tool designed on the base of the website. It is generally meant for Android devices which can run on Android 4.0 or higher. It is very easy to set up this app on Androids and also helps to locate the target anytime from anywhere. It has no link with a child’s mobile phone as once it is installed everything can be done more flexibly from own mobile phones. This app works by setting the time limits of the screen and making sure that phone cannot be used during sleeping or studying time. It must also not be used in some particular places such as bathrooms or schools.

2.     Norton Family parental control

It is a mobile application that can help in protecting the kids and provide them with security. This app helps the parents to track their kids without even knowing them. This app can also help the parents to block the website if they want to block any. This app also tracks the history of web browsing such as YouTube history or web browser history. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

3.     ESET Parental control for android

It is another security app designed especially for Android devices. This app lets the parents know about the location of their child and track the location where the child is right now. This app can be installed from Google play store at no cost. This app has some unique features as it keeps an eye on the history of web browser 24 x 7. This app also allows the parents to block some applications in the devices of their child. It used ESET web-based to locate the location of the child. This app is only compatible with Android devices.

4.     Glympse

This app is one of the best locations tracking app available on Google play store. This app helps the individual to share their location with anyone live very easily. This app uses GPRS, GPS, Wi-Fi network etc. to locate the device and providing the information to the server of the Glympse. This app runs in the background and needs no sign up to use this service. This app can be installed directly from the Google play store on both Android devices as well as iOS devices. Also, it enables the person to track the live location of the targeted person.

5.     Family locator – GPS tracker

This app is developed for use on Android and iOS devices. This app can help to maintain a connection with friends and families every time. This app provides numerous features to its user. This can also help in locating the device if the device is being lost or stolen. This app provides a ground to remain in contact and communicate with friends and family. This provides the real-time live location of the target person. There are many other features of this application. This app is compatible with both Android devices and iOS devices.

6.     Find My Kids – child locator

This app is based on GPS location service that can help the parents to track their child. They can easily track the location of their child remotely. The best feature of this app is that it is available at no cost. It is very easy to find the child by tracking the live location with the help of this app. It provides Find my kids option to get a notification when a particular targeted person leaves from a particular area. This is possible with the help of geofencing function of the Find my app option. This app is also compatible with iOS devices and Android apps.

7.     A family locator with GPS tracker

This app can help the user to locate the location of the family at any time. This app is designed by keeping parenting in mind. It helps the user to locate the location of the target device easily and also share the location with more than one user anytime from anywhere. Its live tracking of location is the best feature among other locations. This app is compatible with Android devices only.

8.     Kaspersky SafeKids

This app is designed for both android devise and iOS devices. It provides live tracking of location, tracking of messages, calls logs and many more of the target device. It helps the parents to keep an eye on the activities of their child. It is available free of cost on Google play store and makes the blocking of any particular website very easy.

9.     MMGuardian Parental Control

This app is meant for parental control and is used by millions of user today. This helps them to know the location of their child and also let them restrict the use of inappropriate websites by their child. This is possible with the help of web filtering and easy blockage of websites. This app can be downloaded from Google play store but is available at no cost only for 30 days. The user interface of this application is very clean. It is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

10.  SecureTeen Parental Control

This app is very efficient and powerful and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. This app provides the easy tracking of the target device location and also apply various restrictions to its use such as screen time and many more. The use of this app is very easy as compared to others.

Hence these are the details about some of the Top Best Child Tracking Applications that you can download and use.

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