Run iOS Apps on Android Devices – How to

iOS is an operating system for iPhones, iPad, and iPod across the globe billions of people use it. Android is an operating system for smartphones huge numbers of people use it. iOS and Android both are using as mobile operating systems and it was developed by two different companies.

Android was developed by Google Company and iOS was developed by Apple Company and both have very different key features.

Well, if you have Android device and want to use the iOS apps in your device. Basically, the android apps are cool and great features but some users like to use iOS apps on their android smart phones.

They have two options to do this. First, one is buying the iOS device and enjoy the features of the iOS app. The second one installs the iOS apps on the android device.

So here we are telling how to use iOS Apps on Android phones.

How to Use iOS Apps on Android

There is one method used to run iOS apps on Android Phones. It is very simple and pretty method. Users can use iOS Applications on android mobile by using iOS Emulator for Android.

An ios emulator is a software which converts iOS apps to APK applications. From this, you can easily run various iOS games, apps, and other tools for android mobile. This emulator provides all features of iOS apps to your android phones. It is totally free and easy to use. You can download from Play Store.

Here 2 best Emulator for Android.

1.    iEMU

iEMU APK is a standout amongst other iOS Emulator Android can have. It doesn’t require much space while introducing on android and framework prerequisites are likewise extremely essential. It is exceptionally easy to introduce and simple to utilize. Your device needs some requirements for this emulator.

•   At least your phone should have 512 MB RAM.
•   iEMU App needs 61 MB space for apk files, so make sure your phone has much space available on your android device.
•   It works with Android version 2.3

So install this software on your Android device and use the iOS apps in android phones.

2.    Cider

Cider is another emulator for Android which makes easy to run iOS apps on your Android phones. It is easy to use and totally for you. By this emulator, you can enjoy iOS games, app and much more on your Android device.

This Cider iOS emulator is allowed to download and works at accumulate time code adjustment, which is the new system of imitating. It works with selected device only. It is not supported the GPS, camera, and Bluetooth etc.

There are 3 steps to run iOS Apps on Android Using Cider APK.

Step 1: On the off chance that you have to empower the establishment of applications from an “Unknown Source” simply go to Settings > Security > Enable the App establishment from “Unknown Source”.

Step 2: You can download and install Cider APK on your android phone and run iOS applications.

Step3: Open the application once it is introduced and the emulator will then introduce padoid and you should simply tap on the padoid symbol on your landing page and your Android will effectively run any iOS application.

How to run iOS apps on Windows PC

Some users like to install iOS apps on windows PC. It is very easy to install the iOS app on windows 8, 8.1, 7 etc.

You just follow their steps:

Step 1: Go to this link xpadian.

Step 2: Click on Download.

Step 3: Open your Download folder and now click on iPadian_Setup_2.exe.

Step 4: Follow the simple installation and you will get iOS installed on your PC.

All things considered, when you run this application you may find that you can’t open some application and there are a few bugs in this. I don’t state that utilizing this deceive you will get finish iOS includes on your PC. Be that as it may, you can get a fundamental view and can utilize some applications of iOS on your PC.

I am additionally scanning for the best emulator for iOS to keep running on PC. I have attempted huge numbers of them yet didn’t locate any immaculate iOS PC form.

So I will recommend you simply attempt this one and continue checking this post. I will refresh it when I will get the ideal answer for iOS on PC.

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