The 10 Best Android Apps for Chromebook

The Chromebook laptops run on Linux-based Chrome OS and are different from Windows laptops. They are used for their great variety of task performance using google chrome browser. It is lightweight and you can use Android apps on it. Although, some apps are pre-installed in it yet some apps are needed to be installed for additional performance and every app works well on Chromebook. We have picked out a list of apps that you can install for your Chromebook for better experience.

  1. Discord

It’s a chatting app for gamers where it connects you to a server where you can joint private chat rooms. It is useful while playing PC games. It makes communication easier without interrupting your game. It can also connect you to multiple servers simultaneously and allows you to scan the message room and these rooms and servers are invite only that keeps the community troll free.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

It is actually a drawing app that provides basic tools for simple sketches. Once you open the app you will be presented with a digital drawing screen and a wide range of tools such as pen, pencil, marker, eraser, etc. You will need to create an Adobe user account if you want to share your art work with the Adobe community.

  1. KineMaster

Unlike the previous two apps, KineMaster costs $5.49/pm & $32.99/p.a. It helps you to edit and create multiple layers of images, videos, effects, and texts in a single bar. You can also trim and add audio to your videos. It can also create videos. You can access it without any cost but the features won’t be worth your time. Monthly or annually subscription allows you to remove watermark from the video and gives you access to various features.

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a free of cost picture editing app that includes multiple filters, lighting and editing tools. It also has tools that help to crop, blur, rotate, and change a picture’s perspective from any angle. The saved copy of your edited picture will appear on your Chromebook or you can directly send the pictures to anyone.

  1. Minecraft

The android version of Minecraft works effortlessly on Chromebook. It supports the input, gamepads, and keyboards. You can play with your friends on multiple device networks, featured servers, etc. You will have to pay $6.99 for this gaming app.

  1. Spotify

All music enthusiasts must be aware of this app already. It is free of cost online music streaming app but if you want to enjoy additional benefits, you can choose from their premium subscription that can cost you between $ 4.99/pm-$14.99/pm. You can find music based on your mood, favourite artist, etc. You can also create and share your playlists.

  1. MS Office

If you aren’t happy with the in-built Google Docs, you can download MS office and all your basic tasks will be sorted. You can subscribe to Office 365 for premium features and it will also give you the access to save your files on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud.

  1. Facebook

It’s again a free of cost social networking app and you won’t have to open chrome every time you want to login to your Facebook. It will run smoothly on your Chromebook and will remove Facebook’s website’s long navigational menu, stories, and sponsored ads.

  1. Facebook Messenger

As the name suggests, this app is supported by Facebook. You can connect your Facebook account with this app and it will allow you to chat, message online and do video calls without even logging to your Facebook account. You can view and post stories as well. It also has a camera that allows you to click pictures with a variety of filters.

  1. Netflix

This app also runs smoothly on Chromebook. You can stream Netflix on Chrome but running it on an app will provide you a cleaner interface. You can access all the options, menus and shows without going back and forth on the Netflix chrome page. Every option is easily accessible and you can subscribe to their plans.

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