Best Android Apps For Diabetes

According to the WHO, diabetes is one of the most common chronic disorders that can lead to other diseases. If anyone gets diagnosed with diabetes or high blood sugar level, then it will change the life of that individual. If your doctor told you that you have diabetes, then you may need to change your routine lifestyle like diet, be active and do essential things that your doctor would ask you to follow. If you can manage your health, then you can live a sound and healthy life.

You know that your smartphone can do a lot of stuff to help you. It can’t take your blood sample for a blood test but can help you keep your blood sugar level in control. Here, you will find the best android application for the diabetes patient.

Blood Sugar Log

It is one of the most decent and good applications for the diabetic folks. The application is available for and for accessing the advance feature you may need to pay a small amount of $1.49. It helps you in logging or keeping the records of the diabetic records. The application will also allow you to import and export the logs from the cloud or your mail. The application offers a facility for adding the tags such as before/ after the meal, blood sugar measurement, and more. There is nothing wrong with this website, but the application falls on a bit simpler side.


While it is available for free, you need to pay $4.99 or $49.99 per year, if you need the advance feature of the application. The application has proved a decent application for the one who is suffering from high or low blood sugar level. It can assist you in tracking the type of diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) or other disorders like gestational diabetes. The set-up of the application is also too easy, and for doing that, you just have to follow the two ways. The first is to track your health condition by filling in your details. You can also track the health of your family and pet if required. The paid version has some extra features from the free version like pairing Bluetooth with the glucose meter and also provide better export options.

Glucose Tracker and Diary

For daily and simple diabetes testers, it is one of the simple diabetes applications that can help you in tracking the insulin intake, your blood sugar level and other measured elements. You can use both the free or paid version ($3.49). It also supports the bread units to track the intake of the essential elements like carbohydrates. The company also provides you with a tag system that can help you in reminding all readings and compare that from the last studies. Even the application is handy, and its user interface gives one of the reasons to use this application. Most of the users like this application because it offers a single payment for the subscription instead of monthly payments like others do. Yes, there is a negative point for this application that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity with the glucose meter that users usually found in some of the application.

Google Play Books (or similar apps)

The cost of the price may vary, and some of them are also available for free. These books contain all the methods to cope with the diseases, and some of them offer a diabetic-friendly recipe. There are chances that you may have to live the rest of your life with this disorder, so you need to know more to live a better-quality life. Here, you will get all the books related to diabetes and disorders related to them. Most popular google books are Amazon audible and kindle.

Little Bytes Blood Glucose Tracker

If you are looking for the simple and effective tracker for the blood sugar level, then it becomes a great deal for you. It will provide all the necessary features offered by a similar application. Still, you will get other features with this application like check out statistics, export and import of tracking details if you wish to change your mobile phone. If you want to backup your data, then it also offers you an option where you don’t need to pay extra for the storage. For the subscription, you may need a small amount of $1.00.

MyNetDiary Diabetes and Diet Tracker

In the market of the calorie counter for android smartphones, it is one of the most popular applications which is designed specifically for the individuals having high blood sugar levels. It can help you in tracking all kinds of stuff like gestational diabetes and both types of diabetes. The application can help you in the logging of all the food items or the unit of the blood sugar that you have measured. Although the food logging part takes slightly longer time, it still works and proves an effective application for the users. The application will charge $9.99 for rendering its services to diabetic patients. Backup, import and export features will also add benefits for the users.

mySugr GmbH

One of the most fantastic health applications headquartered in Austria offers services in both free and paid ways. It can combine with the Bluetooth glucose meter and helps you in logging the blood sugar level and other essential elements like food intake, insulin level, medication and many more. The free version of the application offers a decent selection of the features for the diabetic folks. But those who want to go pro features like PDF exports, daily reminders, insulin calculator and many more, then you may need to pay $2.99 per month or $27.99 per year. You might think about the expensive nature of the application, but it is much cheaper than the application that makes it easier for the user to choose from the bundles of the applications.

Yummly Recipes

It is one of the most common recipe applications that offer a wide variety of recipes for the diabetic patient. Having diabetes means you have to customize your routine diet and makes it more suitable for your body to manage your blood sugar level. Along with the millions of recipes, you will get an in-built timer, video tutorials and other specific tools. If you need more features than the free version, then you need to pay $4.99.

Official Application of Your Doctor

Many well-known dieticians and doctors have their applications that usually guide their patients online. These kinds of applications are different from other applications. Still, they have a bunch of useful features like scheduling an appointment with your doctor or taking online consultation with the doctor. Due to the current pandemic, now most of the application is offering video calls with their respective doctors to skip the physical examination.

Blood Sugar Meter apps

It may be free, but most of the time, the applications are associated with the device, then you may need to buy the device. There are several glucose meters and their respective applications. For using them, you just need to connect the devices with your mobile’s Bluetooth. Actually, it works as a fitness tracker. There are tons of great options for downloading the app.

These applications may prove too helpful during this pandemic, especially for diabetes patients.

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