15 Best Apps for Time Management in 2022

To accomplish all of your goals, you need to learn time management skills. Following effective time management carries various incredible advantages to your work routine and life. Time management tools could be the best option to choose to complete your targets on time.

Accomplish your Goals with the Help of these Time Management Apps


Through Clockify, you can track the time you spend on a particular task. The software has a feature to track your hourly work. After you create an account on this app, it will give you an option to choose in which way you want to track your time.

The software can run on Linux, Firefox, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS, and Windows.


Google provides an app like Google Hangouts in which you can communicate as well. It allows you to share videos, text, pictures with your team.

The software can run on Firefox, iOS, Web, Android, and Chrome.


Use this app to manage your time effectively. It is easy to manage your to-do list with “Remember the Milk app.” Based on previously defined criteria, it could create a smart list as well.

The software can run on Safari, Blackberry, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Watch, Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android.


Clara can streamline your meetings by coordinating and scheduling. It also manages all your emails related to meetings automatically.

The software runs only on the web.


Forest is the focus app that will save you time. You can eliminate the procrastination habit by following this app. You can also earn virtual coins by using this app.

The software runs on: Android, iOS, Firefox, and Chrome.


RescueTime is a software that will automatically track your productivity. The amount of time you will spend on any site or software will get tracked on this software.

It runs on: macOS, Firefox, Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, and Linux.


My Noise offers a vast number of sounds that could help you in getting focused on your work. It allows adjusting the tone and volume of your choice.

Available: Android, Web, and iOS.


It is the best app that could benefit many of us as it requires proof that you have left your bed. The good part of this app is that there is no snooze option. Kiwake will manage our time in the best way.

The software runs on Android and iOS.


It is a note manager where you can edit, create, and sort notes in folders or subfolders. You can also share the created notes with your friends or co-workers.

The software runs on Opera, Windows, Chrome, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Online.


It tracks your to-do list with the RPG game, which will be fun. The game option in the app will allow you to complete all the tasks in the given time.

It runs on Android and iOS.


It consists of instrumental kinds of music that will help you in accomplishing your task. It has neuroscience and music in it with 50 channels. “Focus@Will” is software that could ease your work to learn time management.

The software runs on iOS, Web, and Android.


With Join.me, you can schedule your online meetings, share your screen. Join.me gives an option to join from 40 countries, almost 250 participants. You can also remove any participant from the conference you want.

The software runs on Android, iOS, Windows, and Chrome.


It is the best option to choose when you are looking to save something for later reference. It also has a speed reading option. You can use this option to save your time.

The software runs on Kindle, Android, and iOS.

14. LOOP

The Loop software will track the usage of your mobile. People who are addicted to mobile can download this app to reduce the usage of cell phones from your life. To cultivate the habit of your mobile, you can set the time in the app.

The software runs only on Android.


My Daily Planner helps in accomplishing your every goal mentioned in the planner. It will keep your focus on completing each task mentioned in the planner app. You can archive your entire completed task for future reference.

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