Best Apps for Sleeping

Sleeping restfully is good not just for your physical health but for your brain too. According to reports, good sleep contributes a lot to good health. If you want to keep your brain and body in excellent condition, you should sleep well. You can’t sleep peacefully until you put your mind to rest. Good sleep depends on various factors. Sometimes, listening to soft music can make you fall asleep. If you want to sleep restfully, the apps here on the list are worth looking at.

1. Calm

If you don’t feel like sleeping at night, this app will put you to sleep. Meditation is the best way to keep stress away. This will remove all the stress from your mind and make you feel stress-free. A large number of experts believe that it is important to relieve one’s mind from stress if one wants to sleep peacefully. This app will help you stay stress-free so that you can sleep restfully. The app offers both a free and a paid version. It includes a number of lessons that tell you how to keep yourself stress-free and have a sound sleep.

2. Headspace

Yet another effective app on the list is Headspace. It is truly awesome and lets you feel as if you are sitting in a peaceful world. It has tons of stories and tales that may remind you of your childhood. This awesome app creates a good atmosphere just by sounds and lets you fall asleep easily. The free version of the app doesn’t offer a lot. The paid version of Headspace is really awesome as it offers a number of lessons for meditation and teaches you how to relieve your mind of stress.

3. Relax Melodies

Sweet melodies can make anyone fall asleep within seconds. The superb app is based on the same notion. The music on the app is so sweet that it can make anyone fall asleep. There are many who don’t love listening to music while they are sleeping, but the app is really awesome and lets you fall asleep within some minutes. The free version of the app offers sounds, but the premium version is even better as it lets you mix your melodies. If you are looking for an app that helps you keep your mind stress-free and sleep peacefully, Relax Melodies is undeniably the best app for you.

4. Pillow

Pillow monitors your movements and gives you information on your activities during the night. It is good at monitoring movements and informs you about the time of sleep and other activities throughout the night. The app works with the accelerometer of the Apple Watch. It can record your voice and all the sounds that you made while you were sleeping but the feature is available only in the premium version. It is really one of the best apps and should be tried if you are in need of a sleep tracker. Pillow is available for both iOS and Android devices.

All the apps above are really amazing and may help you fall asleep. You will surely find these apps helpful.

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