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Today we have various ways to listen to music. Nowadays, there are a lot of music app through them we can listen to songs but some users don’t want to download the music. They just hit music and play it without any manage. Don’t worry about it; Radio apps are the best option for listening to music on your Android and iPhone.

Radio app for Andoird

Radio apps allow to you listen to music on demand show. From Radio apps, you listen to the music on radio stations without using the headphone. We are sharing some both type paid and unpaid Radio apps for Android and iPhone through them you can enjoy the music according to your taste.


iHeartRadio available for Chrome cast and Android version. It is free radio app to listen to news, music and your favourite podcast on demand. This app finds the large number of stations like FM station and iHeartRadio has won personal station.


From this app, you can browse live station to listen to music according to your listing taste by any genre and create personalized channels based on favourites songs or artists. You can download this app from play store at free of cost.

Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is best Radio app to listen to the radio music. Without an internet connection, you can download and listen to the music on demand. It provides millions of song for what you want to hear exactly which is suit your mood or taste. You can play radio station to listen the music base on the song, albums and artists.
 Google Play MusicThis app available web based app and Android version. This app has the free version on Play store which is used by the people but its additional features are the available price is $9.99 monthly.

Pandora Radio:

Pandora radio is one the most popular app to detect the new music based on your songs and favourite artists. On Pandora provide to create own stations based on song and artists and the process of creating the new station is very simple. Firstly you enter the name of a song, artists and other factor and create the new music station. Pandora apps have not free ads apps and there have no podcasts.


If you want to listen to the radio without interfering ads so you will sign up the Pandora One and enjoy the music. The Pandora One is $3.99per month or $36 per year.

Most people has own playlists but Pandora provides playlists for streaming. Pandora is available for Android, iOS and web-based app.

TuneIn Radio:

TuneIn Radio is best radio app to enjoy music, talk shows, news and sports as well as it has 100,000 radio stations that are a way you can listen to your favourite station.

TuneIn Radio
You can listen to the on-demand podcast and shows in any location. The upgrade version of TuneIn Radio you can enjoy live NFL, MLB, and Barclays Premier League games, audiobooks, and the removal of advertising. The price of premium version is $7.99monthly. It is available on Android and iOS.XiiaLive Internet Radio:

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XiiaLive Internet Radio covers 50000 live stations. It is best radio apps to listen to the song, shows or any podcast shows which you like. From this app, you will save your favourite stations enjoy the music according to your taste. In this app Bluetooth option is available and other features (radio station URL link, an equaliser) which are beneficial for users and easily to use.


The features of this app very attractive. It’s similar like TuneIn. It’s free and premium version has $3.99/month.


Spotify is pretty and impressive radio app. It has radio app and the streaming device also. It conation millions of song which has new you have not heard yet. All the channels are divided into categories: Rock, Dance, Hip-hop, Country, Talk, and much more. You can give like and dislike when you play one of them.


And it works on your taste. You can also create the station based on your favourite song or artist and also create podcast playlists. It available on Android, iOS and web-based app.  Only $9.99 you can enjoy free advertising version and enjoy best features.


Stitcher is best radio app that allows various radio shows and podcasts on demand. You can enjoy music without downloading.

It provides large media organisations including FOX, BBC, CNN, ESPN, This American Life and much more.

You create own stations and discover new radio shows and podcast. You can listen to the various shows, song. It available on Android, iOS and desktop.

Apple music:

Apple music is not only for iPhone it is also available for Android and iOS. Apple made the best app which is epic for enjoying the music with beats. Apple music having collaboration with Beats one.

Beats one is radio station which provides the 24/7 service with live DJs, hosts, live music. It provides media organisations like NPR and BBC.

Apple music

Apple music is payable at a monthly price of $9.99. Some people don’t want to spend $9.99/monthly but if you want to enjoy the music on radio stations with pure volume and beats then you should try it.

PC Radio:

PC Radio provides you 100 online radio stations. All the channels are divided into categories: Rock, Dance, Hip-hop, Country, Talk, and much more.

It’s app helpful for those users which internet connection is slow. You can enjoy the various music, shows etc. this app provides Russian music. The average rating of this app in google play store is 4.7.

This app has the optional premium mode and pro version for this some new features add like the set timer, record channels and enhance quality stream.SiriusXM:

SiriusXM is free and payable radio apps. It is best satellite radio which provides AM and FM radio services. It catches up 150 channels, including music channels, sports channels, and the venerable Howard Stern show.


What type of content you want to listen you can subscription the models. The app is slowly getting better and seems to be stable enough now to be enjoyable.

It also helps that it’s cross-platform with many car radios as well.

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