12 Best & Free Android Launcher Apps you should try in 2021(Updated)

Every person wants to that their phone looking smart and amazing. When your phone is slow and freezes all the time if you want to solve this problem so simple go to launcher apps. Launcher apps make your phone smart and every time provides you new features.

Launcher apps are responsible for spice up home screen of your phone because it provides themes and wallpapers.

Here we shared 12 launcher apps whereby the problems like overheating, battery drains too fast in your phone that easily handle out.

Free Android Launcher Apps

Nova Launcher:

In Nova Launcher you can easily change the icon, layouts and animations of your phone home screen. Nova launcher is a top ranking launcher for Android. For this launcher, phone works quickly and quietly. It has huge of features. Some features are following bellow:

  • Colour controls: you can easily change the colour of labels, folders, unread badges.
  • Backup/Restore: you can restore your data and other information.
  • Scrollable Dock: you can easily create the scrollable docks.

Nova Launcher

From Nova Launcher your phone works fast and battery saves for a long time. Nova Launcher is free as well as premium version. In premium version ($4.00)add other features which are beneficial for Android.

Available: Android.  Rating: 4.6

Action Launcher 3:

Action Launcher 3 is very stylish and wonderful app. You can easily make home screen shine by the use of this unique feature. It received best apps of 2015 award by Google plays and best Android launcher of 2016. Good customization features with solid stock performance and excellent compatibility.

Some features of this are here:

  • Easily change the all apps mode; tint the dock, date widgets and much more.
  • Easily swipe a shortcut to reveal an app’s widget.
  • Icons are automatically matched with home screen design.

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is free as well as the premium version ($3.99) available. More features added in upgrade version. From this app, you can easily import your existing layout from other launchers like Nova, Apex etc…

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.2

Google Now Launcher:

Google Now launcher is best free launcher by Google. If you want to your Android device make fast and shining home screen so you can download this launcher. The only voice you can search anything just say on your phone “Ok Google” or tell what you like: play music, the internet and much more.

Google Now Launcher
From this launcher, your Android device works fast, quick scrolling and searching anything in play store. You can clean home screen.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.3

ZenUI Launcher:

ZenUI Launcher is the best launcher which gives you more feature, awesome theme and more surprises. It makes your home screen shine and cleans with use free theme, free wallpapers, icons and effects. You can set various kind of wallpaper for make home screen stylish and interesting.

It provides shortcuts to key features, set the apps in one layer and two layer modes. When customising your wallpaper, themes, fonts then it gets a sneak live preview on your screen. You can swipe the scrolling quickly and search your contacts in few seconds.

ZenUI Launcher
This makes your Android device work fast and properly. It provides full security. You can use apps lock and hide the app features. It is free of cost.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.7

Hola Launcher:

Hola Launcher is the great app to make your Android device amazing. In this huge of themes and wallpapers is free that make your phone smart. It provides various features like battery saver, changing protector, speed booster and much more.

You can also Diy own theme and use thousands of theme to make the home screen shine. It provides the apps lock and hides apps features which protect your personal apps.

Hola Launcher

You can boost your apps and uninstall unwanted apps. It has another feature to save your phone battery and use when you need it the most. You can swipe apps in seconds.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.5

Solo Launcher:

The solo launcher uses the Material Design 2.0 and customises your device by using themes, wallpapers and different widgets. From this launcher, you can forget the problem of hang because it clears the storage and saves memory faster.

You can boost up your phone which makes your device fast. It has smart widgets like apps lock, search widget, battery saver, Clock & Weather widget and much more. You can easily change the menu in the way you want.

Solo Launcher
It takes small space and sees the vast world on it. It is available free of cost on Google Play Store.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.5

Evie Launcher:

Evie launcher is simple to use and makes your device faster. If you wanted smooth and clean home screen then you install this Evie 2.0. Evie becomes the best launcher of 2016 which gowning fast. This launcher provides you:

Live wallpapers, home screen management, removable icon labels, double tap lock, backup and restore, widgets redesign, faster and better-designed app drawer and much more.

Evie Launcher
Evie launcher has great features and you can customise your layout, app icons, and icons size. You can create a shortcut of apps on your home screen. Evie is free as well as your purchase in $ 5.99.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.6

Arrow Launcher:

Arrow Launcher is faster than Nova or Google Now Launcher. Arrow is lightweight, fast and efficient. Arrow makes your phone smart and fast. You can easily search anything on your device with fast speed.

You can share your documents with friends and quickly get back your recent activity like phone calls, text messages and app install. It provides various styles for your Android device. It is also battery saver launcher and updates the wallpapers daily.

Arrow Launcher
Arrow is available worldwide and is translated into all major languages. The feature of an arrow is Personalization, reminder, search, People and much more. It has good reviews by time, TechCrunch and much more.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.4

Yahoo Aviate Launcher:

Yahoo Aviate Launcher upgrade your Android for free of cost. Yahoo Aviate automatically setup your apps and information which make easy to find when you need it. It makes your home screen smart with help of huge themes, wallpapers and widget.

Yahoo Aviate updated on Dec 22, 2016. Check the weather, traffic conditions, news, see photos, tips reviews for a nearby place and much more can easily use every day.

Yahoo Aviate Launcher
The features of this launcher make it more powerful and attractive. The key features of this launcher are Simple & beautiful navigation, Smart Stream, Organized, Gorgeous, Never Miss a thing and more.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.3


Apex Launcher:

Apex Launcher is a launcher which completely changes your home screen. It has various themes, wallpapers and widgets which make the device smart. It is easy to use and very light. You can customise the icons and labels for shortcuts and folders.

App’s foremost features include:

· Fancy transition effects.

· Hide element as you want.

· Backup settings and data.

· Lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes.

· Multiple drawer styles.

· Customizable home screen grid size and up to 9 home screens.

· Enjoy home screen gestures.

Apex Launcher

Apex launcher is highly customization home replacement for Android 4.0+. Apex launcher is free as well as premium version named Apex Launcher Pro. In paid version, more features are available which make your device fast.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.3

APUS Launcher:

If you feel boredom with ugly home screen and your phone drain the battery that problems can be solved with one app named APUS Launcher. This app is top ranking Launcher app which downloads by 250 million users. This provides huge of wallpapers, themes and more which make your home screen smart.

As one of the best Android launcher on Google Play, APUS can address every one of your issues for Android launcher and make your phone quicker and effective. You can modify your launcher home with lovely topics and backdrops, lift the phone to make it quicker, oversee and get apps, games and documents, save battery power, and meet individuals around on Facebook.

APUS Launcher
APUS has different features including 30,000 free beautiful HD themes and wallpapers, APUS boost, Battery Saver, Smart folder, APUS search, Unread counts, APUS Discovery, APUS news and much more.

Available on: Android. Rating: 4.5

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