15 Best Camera Apps for Android

Buying an android phone can be quite a task since there are various considerations to be taken before investing in one. You definitely have to check the software, hardware, latest features, etc. one such consideration is the camera.

15 Best Camera Apps for Android

However, the inbuilt android camera app may not have much controls and features so there comes a need of another camera app if you prefer more features and control for those perfect shots. Here is a list of the 15 best camera apps that you can look forward to achieve enhanced photos.

List of Best 15 Best Camera Apps

  1. Camera 360 ultimate

This app is one of the most used camera apps amongst the android users. The camera has various modes, features, filters and editing tools at both amateur and professional level. It has editing features that are fun to use and will provide you with amazing shots. The best thing about this app is that it is free and ad free. It is one of the perfect all in one app for clicking photos that you can look forward to.

camera 360

  1. Cymera

This is another popular camera app that is available on the play store. It consists of so many editing tools and powerful lenses such as anti shake, focus, convex and much more. It also consists of various filters that you can choose from and allows you to create collages as well. This app is a great option if you are looking for something that is simple but a powerful tool.


  1. Candy camera

Candy camera is the perfect solution if you love taking selfies. It features tons of filters that you can choose from which includes stickers, makeup tools and a lot of additional tools. The interface of this app can be slightly challenging if you are new to this app, but once you start using it frequently, it will be easy for you to operate. Serious photographers might not like this app, but it is a great app for the social media photos.

Candy Camera

  1. Open camera

If you are looking for a free as well as a lightweight app to take photos, this is one of the best camera apps. It features many manual controls that are found in the premium camera apps and also consists of an easy to use home screen widget to allow you to click with just one press. The app consists of various options that let you take the pictures in the way you prefer.

  1. DSLR camera pro

This app is for those who are looking forward for a professional camera app. It has a great user interface with powerful tools to help you take that perfect shot. It consists of many professional features like movable viewfinder, light metering, two stage shutters, live histogram, and much more. It is however a paid app on the play store but an excellent tool for professional use and is compatible for the android versions of 4.0 and above.


  1. Footej camera

Footej camera app is a good mixture of serious and mainstream features for photography. It features various manual controls and has tools like making GIFs, video shooting, burst mode and photo histogram. It supports raw format as well if your phone supports it as well. It is quite an exciting app to try without the inclusion of serious bugs.

Footej Camera

  1. VSCO cam

This is yet another famous app for photography that was first available on iOS but made its way to the android market as well. It features its own unique techno logy for processing images that allows you to take photos, edit and share them as well. The app has VSCO tools that help you to tune the photos finely. It is cost free on the app store along with many in app purchases.


  1. Google camera

It is the official camera app of Google that is mostly found on the Google devices. It consists of many effective features like lens blur mode, photo spheres, slow motion, video stabilization and much more. The only drawback of this app is its compatibility. It is usable for the users who have only the current android version in their phones. Otherwise, it is an excellent app and free of cost.

Google Camera

  1. ProCapture

As the name suggests, this camera app is for those professional photographers that are looking for advanced features. It comes with various shooting modes such as burst, timer, wide shot, noise reduction and panorama. It also features some of the advanced tools like Fibonacci spiral composition and grid along with a real time on screen histogram.


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  1. Google cardboard camera

This app enables you to take and view the VR images and is an ideal app for Google cardboard. You can easily take 360 degrees photos and is very much similar to the panorama shots. For best results, you need Google cardboard. If you are looking for taking those perfect 360 degrees images, this is one of the best options that you can choose from.

Cardboard Camera

  1. Motion stills

This is one of the new camera apps in the market. It allows you to take short video bits which can either be converted to a GIF or kept as it is for later use. It also features an option for fast forward to take quick videos. However, it is not useful for taking photos, so if you want to shoot amazing videos, this is a great option. It is a bit buggy, but a great app that’s easy to use and is completely free.

motion stills

  1. Manual camera

As the name suggests, this app is full of many different manual features and settings. You can easily control the manual features like ISO, focus distance, shutter speed, exposure compensation and white balance. Moreover, it allows you to save your images in the RAW format as well. The user interface of this app is very friendly and if you are looking for professional photography but prefer to use your phone, this is an amazing option.

Maual camera

  1. Prisma

The prisma app is a great tool for editing as well as taking those creative photos. It features a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks to click photos smartly along with a variety of options and tools. If you are looking simply for an editing tool, this is one of the best options as you can choose pictures even from your gallery and turn them into art pieces. The visual transformations and special effects on your photos will give a new life to them.


  1. Snap camera HDR

This app is a great option for users that are amateurs as well as professionals. It features many options like manual tools, RAW support, 4K recording, file size and HDR options. It also features various borders, effects, vignettes, and shooting modes. It is quite rare to find such an app that has both the manual control as well as various editing tools.

snap camera

  1. Moto camera

This app is quite popular amongst the serious photographers. It features manual controls, supports external microphones, timer, exposure bracketing, HDR and a lot more. It makes for a great option for both the videographers as well and the photographers. It is completely free with no ads or in app purchases and is open source.

moto camera

These were the top camera apps for your android smart phone that you can choose from. Make sure that you know what your requirements are and choose the right one based on your needs. Take into consideration for the various features and options the particular app features and take your photography game to next level.

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