10 Best Screen Recorder App for Android (2021)

It is quite an adventure to record all your amazing different actions on your android smart phone or tablet. Recording of your screen has always been in fame, be it for creating any kinds of videos or showing off those incredible gaming skills of yours.

There are so many apps available today on the Google app store for screen recording that you can choose from. However, choosing the best recorder app for your device depends upon the features of the app and how friendly is the interface with the user.

Best Screen Recording Apps for Android You Should Try

For you to choose from the best available screen recorder apps for Android here is a list that you can look forward to.

1. AZ screen recorder

This is one of the most popular apps on the play store for screen recording. It is the only app available in the market that features pausing and resuming of videos while you record them. Also, you can record HD as well as full HD videos, depending on the resolution of your camera.

You can also use a mic and put the audio file along with the capturing of your screen. It gained popularity due to its unique features like drawing on the screen and overlay front camera.


You can share your video on various platforms once you are done with the recording. And, the app comes free so you can enjoy it without paying for anything.

2. DU recorder

This app is one the most reviewed apps on the Google play store. It is worth the reviews because it is one most versatile and best quality screen recording apps in the market today. You can choose from 20 different languages for your use.

Also, it features a built in video editor, shake gestures, front faced camera and GIF maker which makes the user interface friendly and easy to use. You can also record the videos of your games and save them in the resolution of your choice. The rate of the frames are upto 60 fps so you can record and view them better.

DU Recorder

While you record the videos you can also record your voice alongside and then with the video editor, you can easily modify it according to your choice with the exciting tools before you share them.

3. Mobizen screen recorder

This is also one of the most popular apps in the market for screen recording. The UI of the app is user friendly that allows you to record videos in full HD with a frame rate of 60 fps and resolution of 1080p. It features various tools for you to edit your videos after you record them.

Also, you can put the desired music in the video or your own voice if you wish to. It particularly records the gaming videos better and allows you to record the sessions of your games at the same time as you record the facial expressions and reactions of yours when the game is on.

Mobizen screen recorder

This is a free app, which adds to the benefit of the features of the app.

4. Vysor

This app is fun to use as it gives you an access to cast your android smart phone or tablet to the screen of your computer through a USB cable. You can then easily use it on your PC and record the videos on your PC screen if you wish to.

This app will not record anything by its own but you can record it on your PC. The best feature about this app is that you can have all the control of your device through a mouse and keyboard.


This app works wonders but if you want to capture videos in HD, you will have to spend a few bucks. Otherwise, it is one of the best apps for screening on PC.


5. Telecine

This app has powerful tools and features and a simple and easy to use interface. Recording videos from your smart phone will never seem so easy. It starts recording the videos after a countdown of 3 seconds.

The video recording starts automatically once the countdown is over. The videos are recorded in high quality and flawlessly, without you having to fumble with the app.


The app does not need any pre requirements for recording the videos on your phone.It is one of the best apps for beginners who want to record their screens with an ease.

6. One shot screen recorder

This app works much more than what you might expect. When you are about to finish your recording with other apps, you sometimes may tend to record that extra unwanted video clip so that you can clip it later using another video clipping tool. However, this app features an option called as disable recorder so that you can easily resume your recording.

You will therefore not require any other video clipping apps. For putting a watermark on your recorded video, this app charges some amount of money.

one shot screen recorder

Also, it is suggested by the developers of the app that you don’t click on the prompt ‘don’t shot again’ in order to avoid any kind of UI crash.

7. Unlimited screen recorder

This is yet another screen recording app that has a simple UI and features just a single tap recording button. You can easily record both audio as well as video on your android device which allows you to make an anime song with ease.

Also, the advanced settings that it has will give you more experiences of the app. The best thing is that you don’t need any pre requisitions to download this app.

Unlimited screen recorder

It comes all free and is worth giving a try for your screen recording. None of the watermarks are added when you record the screen on your phone, which adds to the benefits of this app.

8. Ilos screen recorder

This is also one of the free android apps for your screen recording. There is no existence of watermarks, no requirement of rooting, no ads, and no defined limits for recording.

What more can one ask for in a free app? It features a recording button in the middle of your screen interface that allows you to record audios and videos easily.

Ilos screen recorder

Also, in addition to this, it features a web recorder as well that is available on the official website so that you can record the anime along with the anime songs too on your PC.

Also, you can record and screen your video call on your computer. However, the only inconvenient thing about this app is that it asks you to register yourself before you start recording.

9. Lollipop screen recorder

As the name suggests, this app is available on the android versions of lollipop and above. It is one of the most simple and easy to use apps with very basic functions like screen orientation and resolution.

For recording, all you need to do is click on the icon at the top, and to stop your recording, you can simply do it from it the notification bar. You can also record audios if you want to without any fuss.

lollipop screen recorder

It is one of the best options if you are a beginner or just want basic features. Also, the screen recording is done in a good resolution so you don’t have to worry about the video being not good.

10. Rec.

If you are looking for a professional screen recording app, then this is the best option for you. It also has some basic features such as custom bit rate, custom resolution, predefined timer of 10 seconds and an option for the inclusion of audio.

You also get an access to advanced options if you go for the pro version of the app. These features include hiding the notifications for the ongoing app, stopping the recording, customizable timer, showing touches, defining presets, and also an ad free experience.


You can easily record for upto 1 hour without you having to waste your time in front of the PC.


Compare your requirements with different apps from the list and look for what is the best app for you. All you need to know is that the app should be user friendly and should provide the necessary features. Once you select the best one for you, you will enjoy a seamless and smooth experience of screen recording.

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