Different Ways to Record Call on Your iPhone Or Android

Have you ever been through a situation where you need to record a phone call. Yes, a phone call?? There is a much valid reason to do this. If someone is threating you on phone then you can record the conversion and use it as evidence against it.

It is really helps in conducting a telephonic interview or when you dealing with customer service call. Recording phone call is not a rocket science, in fact, the technology behind it is very simple. The only issue is that whether it’s legal in your country or not?

Is Recording Phone Calls Legal or Not??

Before you indulge yourself in recording a cell phone call the first and foremost you need to know whether it’s legal or illegal in your area. The rule & regulation varies country to country like in some state of the US its one-party assent which means only one party knows what is happening. In another state its two-party assent that both parties know they are being recorded.

How to Record Calls on Your Android Phone or iPhone

1. Using Google Voice

Google Voice lets you record incoming calls very easily. For accessing its service first you have to make an account on ‘Google Voice’. Once you do with this then it will save all your recording on your ‘Google voice account. The user can use these records anytime when he wishes too.

google voice

  • For Android, first, you navigate to the ‘Google Voice’.
  • Click on ‘main menu’ option which you’ll find on the top left & choose ‘Setting menu’.
  • Now click on ‘calls option’.
  • Finally, it leads you to ‘incoming calls option’ & then enables ‘incoming call option’.

Once you enable this option then press button 4 to start recording the call and press again 4 to stop recording. Once you stop recording than the recorded file is automatically save in ‘Google Voice account’.

Whereas in iOS you find it under settings-calls-in bound call option.

Follow these steps which leads you to record any phone call and to start and stop call recording you need to press 4 like you learn above.

2. Using Smartphone Apps

it is one of the easiest ways to record any call but the only issue is that not all the apps are free. These apps enable you to record both incoming & outgoing calls but the only single issue is that not all the apps are free of cost.

3. The RMC 

It is one of the fine call recording apps out there in play store. It is enable user to record both incoming as well as out coming calls. The only issue you have to face is that its use your phone speaker during recording a call and other drawback is that at a moment it can record a limited no of calls.


Record Phone Call With ACR??

As the ‘Google Voice’ or RMC app is out there to record any call but still, it’s lacking somewhere. Many users are looking for an automatic solution for to fix this problem. To fulfill that require the user must go to ACR (automatic call recorder).


The Automatic Call Recorder having more features than any other app but the key thing is that it’ll not use your mobile microphone turn on for recording. Now you can record both incoming, as well as the outgoing app with mobile speaker, come in to play.

This app comes true on each parameter beside one is that it is not compatible with all the cell phone devices.

Final Words: So these are some basic method and app which leads you to record any call. No matter for which purpose you doing it but make sure that it is legal in your country otherwise it takes you in any trouble.

So what you are waiting for access these apps and record your loved one calls in order to always in touch with them….!!!!!

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