Best & Free Wi-Fi Booster Apps for Your Android

What strikes in our mind first when we heard a name Wi-Fi. It means to us faster web browsing, highly reliable & faster speed for downloading videos, music, video calling and much more. But question is that does all the time your Wi-Fi hotspot able to delivers you that speed.

Best & Free Wi-Fi Booster Apps for Your Android 1

Probably, many of says that when they near to their Wi-Fi than they got excellent speed for web browsing. When you, starting moves the even short distance away from Wi-Fi than speed decreases. Have you ever think once why this happens all the time with you??

First, you need to understand your Wi-Fi hotspot not a wide range network means it can deliver you speed up to a limited distance. Even in a small distance, our Wi-Fi signal strength drops down. Many of us think that only distance is the single problem for that issue but it’s not like that.

When, our Wi-Fi speed decreases then, not only the distance responsible for this problem. In fact, weak Wi-Fi signal makes the impact on our whole network-related service. At that time factors like how much traffic over a network, number of channels & their strength also affect your Wi-Fi speed.

Now, the question is that how to get rid of this problem?? I think many of you heard about Wi-Fi booster but have you ever tried it yet? If no then, today we tell you how you can boost up your internet speed with that. It also provides you the information about which is the best Wi-Fi network to connect.

Nowadays, you find Wi-Fi network at every public place like hospitals, colleges, railway stations or offices etc. So, we need a good Wi-Fi connection in our Smartphone all the time. Because nowadays, our Smartphone is built in such a manner that we do maximum work from our Smartphone like online shopping, ticket booking etc.

Fortunately, there are some best Wi-Fi booster apps for your Android available in your Google Play Store. If you search in your play store then you will find the list of best apps out there but all of them are not free. Maybe you have to pay for the premium Android version of some Wi-Fi booster app.

So, to get rid of this problem, here we compiled a list of ‘Best &Free Wi-Fi Apps For Your Android Device’. By accessing these apps you can make good connectivity on your android phone or tablet from your Wi-Fi hotspot.

But before you go through these apps first you must know what Wi-Fi connection is and how it works??

What is Wi-Fi??

Best & Free Wi-Fi Booster Apps for Your Android

You might be surprised that many of us even don’t know what Wi-Fi stands for. First, let me clear you that it is an abbreviated term which stands for ‘Wireless Fidelity’. It is the similar thing like WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) based on the ‘IEEE 802.11’ standard.

How Wi-Fi Works??

Wi-Fi works on the same principle like your cell phone, television etc do. Wi-Fi works on ‘radio waves’ frequencies for transmitting information across a network. It works on frequency level 2.4GHz or 5GHz.  A wireless network works on two-way a traffic.

  1. First, your computer must have a wireless adapter. This wireless adapter translates the data into a radio signal.
  2. Then, it transmits the same signal using an antenna having on it to a decoder known as a router.
  3. Finally, a wireless router sends this decode information to the internet through a wired ‘Ethernet’ connection.

As we mentioned above it works on two-way traffic. So, this process also works in reverse, now the router receives the information from the internet. Then, router coded this information into a radio signal and send to your computer wireless adapter.

Best & Free Wi-Fi Booster Apps for Your Android

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

This is one the best app out there in your Google Play store which you can install it for free. It especially belongs to those users who much more concerned about Wi-Fi connectivity all the time.

It lets user find, connect, manage Wi-Fi network. The best part of it when you set this app for a scan then it shows you graphical radar for finding out best Wi-Fi network around you.

Wi-Fi Manager

With a single tap, the users can switch over a favorite network by using Wi-Fi Network Switcher widget.

  1. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer app turns your Android phone into network analyzer. Instead, of finding the best Wi-Fi network around your surroundings the user can also check their internet speed too. It shows you all available Wi-Fi channels around you.

Wi-Fi Analyzer also finds the less crowded area for the users so that, user switch to that channel for maximum speed. As the crowd is higher on any channel you will get less speed.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

So this app reveals you less crowded area around your surrounding so that you can access that channel for maximum speed.

  1. Wi-Fi Master-Speed Test & Booster

Wi-Fi Master Booster maximizes your signal strength so that you can get a more stable & faster Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi Master also performs a real-time speeding test to resolve out your connectivity problems so that you can troubleshoot weak Wi-Fi signal.

Instead, of boost up or speeding up your signal strength, it provides you security as well. Its Wi-Fi Security Detection prevents you from Wi-Fi threats like DNS hijack, APR attacks or avoids phishing hotspot.

Wi-Fi Master-Speed Test & Booster

This app is offered by Wi-Fi Master and you can download it for free from Google Play Store.

  1. 3G/4G Wi-Fi Maps & Speed Test

It is one of the best apps which come with a new technology for enhancing your signal strength. It has a ‘signal-compass’ on it which helps you to find the best signal is coming. It is a free interface which you can download it from play store.

3G/4G Wi-Fi Maps & Speed Test

By accessing this app the user gets the faster data speed on their Smartphone. Its ‘Speed tester’ feature finds the exact speed of your connection whereas ‘Network Rank’ gives rank to the all available network depending upon their potential.

  1. Wi-Fi Mobile Network Speed

Wi-Fi Mobile Network Speed having multiple features but one of its unique features is to show you ‘Wi-Fi Network Quality’. It shows you network quality on the basis of signal strength but as well as by load or interference on that network.

Wi-Fi Mobile Network Speed

It measures your network speed in real time to delivers you best public Wi-Fi connection. The user can also clean your Wi-Fi channel so that you will get the faster data speed. You can download this app from Play Store for free.

  1. Network Signal Speed Booster

It is one of the top rated apps which are installed by a number of people. Network Signal Speed Booster is a free interface which you can install it from Play Store for your Android device. When you launch this app it scans and finds out the best network or cell tower across your surroundings.

Network Signal Speed Booster

When the fresh scan network no longer working or finished, then you can change the setting. By, pressing ‘Menu Button’ on your phone you can go for additional settings for better connectivity. It is offered by MCStealth Apps and advances version support all latest Android devices.

  1. Internet Booster & Optimizer

This app is specially built to enhance your internet browsing experience. Internet Booster & Optimizer automatize a series of command for smooth browsing speed for your Android device. You can also perform these commands manually without any app but it takes time so we do it through this app.

Internet Booster & Optimizer

No matter you are using a Wi-Fi signal or (2G, 3G or 4G) network this app automatizes a series of command for giving you excellent browsing experience.

  1. Swift Wi-Fi

Swift Wi-Fi is among those apps which are installed by a number of a user. It automatically detects the nearby free Wi-Fi or hotspot with a password. This app not only detects the Wi-Fi but instead of that, it will provide the security too.

Swift Wi-Fi

This app first ensures the online safety before connecting to a public Wi-Fi or hotspot. It performs an accurate network speed test and avoids the fishy hotspot.

  1. Wi-Fi Radar

Wi-Fi Radar uses the digital compass for finding out the location of a wireless network and displays the physical location of Wi-Fi network. With compass visualization, you can do the 360-degree radar scan.

Wi-Fi Radar

It is a free interface which you can download for free from your ‘Google Play Store’. It analyzes the signal to delivers you best channel for Android device.

  1. Wi-Fi Overview 360

As the name suggests that, it will give you a detailed overview of a network. This app lets you manage or optimize your used Wireless network. You can see the other information like Wi-Fi name, signal strength of any network around your surroundings.

In the operating range, it shows the graphical representation of the network.  You can manually add a network.

  1. Wi-Fi Easy Booster

As the name suggests booster it will enhance the speed of your wireless network. For that all you have to do just press the ‘Boost Now’ button and wait until it performs the boost function.

Wi-Fi Easy Booster

This app performs the following function it enhances the signal strength and provides you stable signal, better internet or streaming speed and faster file transfer etc.

  1. Wi-Fi Connection Manager

This is another good app which is offered by Romingsoft. Wi-Fi Connection Manager is best Wi-Fi scanner who scans the best network around your surroundings. It supports the access point with SSID with a special character in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese etc.

Wi-Fi Connection Manager

For solving the network conflict problems it switches between available networks. It backup/restore the saved network.


Here, in the above-mentioned article we suggest you top 12 Wi-Fi Booster App For Your Android. These apps never let you down and deliver you the desired result.

Before adding it to our list we personally emphasis on parameters like ranking, no of installation etc to delivers your detailed review.

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