Best Song Identifier App’s For Android & iOS

Have you ever been through that situation while you traveling or sitting at the mall etc you heard a song and you pick your phone up to download it but at that time you not able to recognize it? It happens most of the time with me.

Best Song Identifier App’s For Android & iOS

At that time we scratching our head & trying our best so that we can get a clue like Song/Artist name, Lyrics, etc for downloading. You know why it happens because after all, we are humans, not a machine once we get to anything it’ll not remains till last in our mind.

So, at that time we need a solution that works on our memory behalf to think for those songs. So, that we can download that song immediately instead of saying ‘what song is this?? or scratch out our head.

Hopefully, there is a solution to overcome this problem. We are living in a smart era where technology can fix-up any issue. By using the Song identifier apps you can recall any current playing song easily. There are no apps available in your ‘Google Play’ store which you can download for free for your Android phone.

Yes, I know!! Many of you still think that how a ‘Song-identifier’ app can do that. Even I can’t believe it when I heard it first. So before we go through these apps let me clear you how these apps work to find info about any song.

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How ‘Song Identifier’ app work on your Android Smartphone?

It works on cloud connectivity to a huge online database. Each app having millions of songs and for every song, it assigns a simple numeric signature – a code which is unique to each track. This numeric – signature is known as ‘Fingerprint’ for each track.

When any song is being played by the user then these app makes a ‘fingerprint’ of that song and then that app compares it against an online database for the match. Once, its match then artist/song name or other details revealed out to you.

Best Song Identifier App’s For Android & iOS To Identify: What’s that song?? (Updated Jan 2021)

  1. Track ID

Track ID is developed by ‘Sony Mobile Communication’ & one of the most effective app to identify what music is playing around you within a seconds. This app available in more than 60 languages worldwide & it also allows the users to download those songs which they identified.

Track ID

It’s one of the unique features is ‘offline mode that’s mean if you are in that area where internet connectivity is poor then Track ID app captures the songs & identifies those songs when you back to a good internet connectivity.

Unique Feature of Track ID:

  • For identifies music all you have to do just tap on the ‘Music icon’ & place your Smartphone near the music.
  • You can ‘download’ the songs which you identify & watch their videos on YouTube too.
  • This app allows you to listen to the ‘preview’ of a song so that you can match it & assure what you found.
  • You can also share the songs which you found with your friend on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Download for Android & iOS

  1. Shazam

Shazam is one of the leading apps in terms of a user as hundreds of millions of people accessing it service for free each month to identifies music. All you have to just tap on ‘S’ icon which you find on above the ‘Shazam option’.

Once you do that then place your Smartphone near to the source playing music & then it identifies a song for you. It’s one of the key features is that it identifies the song even if you are ‘offline too.

Unique features of Shazam:

  • Just one ‘Tap’ & the user find the song and get the ‘lyrics too’ for sing-along or watch their videos too.
  • The user can also ‘preview’ the songs and add them to the Spotify playlist.
  • It identifies the songs even if you are ‘off-line’ too.
  • For new music check out its recommended tracks.

Download it for Android & iOS

  1. Sound Houn

Sound Hound is a free song identifier app that identifies easily what song playing around you. It works like same as ‘Shazam’ all you have to do just tap on ‘Orange Button’ then it recognizes the songs and provides you video or lyrics too.

One of its amazing features is ‘Ok Hound’ which means if you sing a song yourself on your Smartphone then it also detects that song for you. The user can easily import their discovered music into Spotify.

sound hound

Unique features of Sound Hound

  • It is a free interface & if
  • you are ‘Hollywood’ songs lover then this app belongs to you.
  • Just one tap on ‘Orange Button’ which identifies songs, see live lyrics, video playback & much more.
  • ‘Ok-Hound’ feature allows you search song hand free which means it identifies any song which is sung by you.
  • Sound Hound make a playback of all your searches so that which you can easily playback.

Download it To Android & iOS

  1. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is not like the above mentioned app instead of song identifier it more of a lyrics app. This app contains world largest collection of song lyrics access by millions of people worldwide. The users can immediately synchronize lyrics for Youtube, Pandora, Spotify.

Musixmatch is not only the song recognition app but also a music player that you can play your own music too. Tap on ‘hamburger menu icon’ and then on ‘Identify lyrics’ for discovering song.


Unique features of Musixmatch

  • It identifies & gets the lyrics of any song which is playing around you.
  • ‘On landscape mode’ the user can play the Youtube video in full screen and can also see the floating lyrics in a video too.
  • ‘Off-Line’ lyrics feature to allow you to view the lyrics again which you viewed even without internet connectivity.
  • The users can preview new album Songs & lyrics too.

Download it for Android & iOS

  1. SpotSearch

SpotSearch enables the music which you heard around you or on the radio but don’t know the title. All you have to remember just a part of lyrics, once you know it then enters the lyrics in the search box. When you did with this then simply press ‘Search’ option & you’ll get instant links on Spotify, Youtube etc.


A unique feature of SpotSearch

  • SpotSearch keeps organizing a list of your favorite spots with Google places.
  • It also manages your spot offline.
  • As you travel then GPS is used to automatically update the result.
  • For further info, each result can be easily sent to ‘Google Maps’.
  • It’s a free interface which you can download it from ‘Google play store or ‘iTunes.

Download it for Android or iOS


So these are current best & free song identifier app for you to find any song around you. Now, you don’t have to go through that ‘nagging feeling’ of ‘what song is this’ which you feel in past to identifies any song. All you have to do just launch this app when you heard any song and add it to your playlist.

Also, if you know any other app except those then let us know in our comment section below. Hope these apps never lets you down…!!

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