10 Best & Secure Messaging App’s For Android and iOS

Nowadays, messaging app totally change the way of communication on the cell phone. Everybody likes to do messaging rather than making a call because messaging makes our conversation more interesting. Messaging app upgrades their technology to that level where they completely satisfied their current users, as a result, the no of messaging app user enhancing day by day.

Today messaging app not just a messaging but instead of that, the user can make audio or video call too. Now you can make the call to your friends and relative all over the world at free of cost. Security is the only issue while using these apps.

Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps

So today we compile a list of best & secure messaging app for you. These apps never let you down and provide you secure calling & messaging environment.

1. Viber

Viber is also a great messaging app which allows their millions of user to send messages or make the call with their friends & relative all over the world. Viber is totally free of cost & provides you HD high quality of both audio & video calling experience. It allows you to create a group of your friends with up to 250 people at a single time.

Viber is secure, reliable as it automatically encrypts text messages, videos, voice call, and group chat automatically. It has enormous no of cool stickers & emojis which allows a user to express them self in an interesting way. The user can delete any message or video even after if it sends.


It’s for all no matter what you using an Android, iOS or Windows phone & for computers, it’s for Mac, Linux or Windows 10.

2. Facebook Messenger

There is no doubt that Facebook has to gain immense popularity over the last couple of years. So does the Facebook messenger have billions of users all over the world. You can send or receive messages not only through your Facebook friends but instead of that you can also send messages to those people who are in your phone book.

Facebook Messenger

You can shoot videos, selfies or other photos and send them to your friends on a single tap. Make call all over the world at free of cost, all you need a data plan for accessing its service. As it is a Facebook platform so there is no doubt about its security & reliability.


LINE stand number one ranking in 52 countries, that have enough evidence for its popularity. It allows a user to message as well as make voice & video call with their friends at free of cost all over the world. You can easily make a roundtable conversation with group video calling.

At a single time, you can make a group of 200 people which really helps in conducting meetings through video calls. It also has huge collection of charming cartoon & sticker which connects you with your friends in the more fun way.


It’s available for Android, iOS or Windows phone & whereas for Desktop it’s for Windows or Mac.

4. WeChat

WeChat is all in one complete package to connect with your family & friends. Initially, this app is not so popular but now it’s a versatile app that completely satisfied their users. WeChat is messaging & calling app that allows their user to make voice & video calls, photo sharing across the world.


Instead of sending messages or making calls you can also send text (SMS/MMS). You can make a group of 500 people for chatting and group of 9 people for video calling. Shake your phone for meeting new friend one of its interesting & unique features.

5. SnapChat

SnapChat is a mobile messaging app highly popular among youngsters. It allows user to send image messaging & videos across the world via self-destructing messages call snap. For accessing its service all you have to do a sign-up formality and then it’s free of cost.


The user can send a self-destructive image to their friends by using cool stickers. The company claimed that in a day 700 million videos and photos have been shared across the world. Once you send any pic to your friend than it automatically disappear from recipients ends within seconds after they viewed.

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6. Telegram

Telegram is simple, fast, secure way of messaging your relative & friends. One of its major advantages is that you can send media, PDF files to your Friends without concerning about the data type & size. It is secure as well because all your chat history will be stored in Telegram cloud as long you need it.


You can create a group of 10,000 people at a time for group chat & sharing any image, video or even document of any type (DOC, MP3 etc).

7. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another way to keep in touch with your friends by messaging friends or by making a video or voice call. It is allowed 150 people at a single time for group chatting.

Google Hangouts

If you want a record of any conversation for short period of time than turn history off.It is another handy way to share photos, videos with your friends & relative with an ease.

8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is highly popular messaging app all over the world, as a result, it has billions of users. It allows user to send or receive messages to their friends & relative but instead of that you can make a video call, send photos, videos, document or voice call too your friends form one country to another.

WhatsApp is totally free of cost it uses just your internet connection (2G/3G/4G). It has enormous no of stickers which makes your chatting experience more interesting. You don’t have to bother about username or password formalities because it just uses your phone no to perform any function.


You can do much more on WhatsApp like share your location, exchange contacts or set your WhatsApp status & shares with your friends. WhatsApp is a cross-platform app which you find it for both mobile and laptop.

It available for Windows, Android or iOS cell phone and also for computers (Mac and windows.)

9. Signal

Signal app provides text, voice call, group messages and sending media attachments. It is open source to enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. Signal is the only private messenger that uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep your messages safe.

The features of this app is amazing, make completely clear cell phone calls to individuals who live crosswise over town, or over the sea, with no long-remove charges.


Signal is available for Android and iOS. Currently this app is not compatible with tablets.

10. HeyTell

HeyTell is another messaging app which provide you  instant voice messaging. This app is free and also pro version for more features like ringtone and voice changer. There is no need to sign up and create an account.


The application presents you with a Hold and Speak catch that you snap to talk your message to any of your companions. It is available  iOS devices, Android and Windows phones, and Apple Watch.

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