Best ‘FM-Transmitter’ Apps for Android

If I ask you people, are you fond off listening music?? Many of you probably say yes of course!! And why not?? Because music is the best source of entertainment so far we have. As we all know that this is the era of technology and every day we came to know discover something new.

Nowadays, technology gives us lots of option for listening to the music. But still, if we talk about listening to the music through ‘FM Radio Transmitter’ apps than there is no match for this. ‘FM Radio’ is the oldest and still best way to hear music, news, shows etc.

‘FM Radio Transmitter’ on our Android device makes our journey like a paradise. But unfortunately, there is no inbuilt ‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’ on our Android devices. But hopefully, we have the solution to overcome this problem.

Best Fm transmitter apps for android

Fortunately, there is various ‘FM-Radio’ Transmitter app for your Android devices. So that you can directly listen to the songs from your Android mobile to your car’s music system.

Before picking best ‘Radio-Transmitter’ Apps let’s go through what is ‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’??

What is FM-Radio Transmitter?

It is low power ‘frequency-modulation’ radio transmitter which broadcast the signals from portable electronic device to a particular FM radio. Through that, you can broadcast music by your Android device on FM-frequency.

For example: First, when you download the app in your Android device. Let you set 108.8 FM Radio on your Smartphone then set same 108.8 FM into your car FM radio too. Now, your Android phone works as ‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’.

It is a low power so it covers a range of (30-100 meters).

Best ‘FM-Transmitter’ Apps for your Android your devices.

1 TuneLink Auto

It is universal wireless Bluetooth ‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’. TuneLink Auto is most advanced wireless Bluetooth link between your Android Smartphone to your car music system. You can access it as an ‘FM- Transmitter’ or directly connect to your car auxiliary (AUX) point.

TuneLink Auto

You can easily download its app from Google Play Store for free. But for converting your Smartphone into ‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’ you also need TuneLink hardware part too which you will easily get on Amazon.


PLUG IT: Fix TuneLink into your car but remember that socket must bear 12V power supply.

PAIR IT: Turn on your phone Bluetooth and pair with ‘TubeLink’.

PLAY IT: Once you paired it than you can listen to songs either by

‘FM-Radio-Transmitter’ or direct connect to your car auxiliary point.

Note: This app for both Android as well as iOS device users. It is compatible with Android 2.1 or higher version.

To access advanced version of Fix Tune Link you must have Android

2.2 or higher version.

2 FM Player

It’s for only Motorola device user then you can access this ‘FM-transmitter app. It is another good platform for radio music lovers. The good part about this app you don’t need an internet connection but your device must have inbuilt FM capabilities.

FM Player

If you are looking for simple and epic sound quality then you sound try this app. You need Android 1.5 and up to access it.

3 Quick FM Transmitter

It is also a good interface for FM music lovers to get good old radio programs. The best part of this app it launches quickly an FM transmitter for IS03. Quick FM transmitter works on IS01, IS03, and IS05 only.

Remember that when you accessing this transmitter app then use the antenna for one seg. It works on Android 1.6 and up.

Quick FM Transmitter

Note: FM radio transmitter does not work in airplane mode. So make sure your airplane mode is turned ‘off’.

4 Radio FM

Radio FM is another simple transmitter app who allows the user listen to favorite radio station online. For accessing it you need a good internet connection. It covers all radio stations around the world.

Radio FM

If you are looking for any particular station then you can find it in the search bar. The user gets all genres of songs here like pop, rock, classical etc. Radio FM has 10,000 radio stations all around the world and it is compatible with Android 2.3.3 and up.

5 Vacant FM Locator

This application does not change your device in FM transmitter. The users have to use this application with separate transmitter device. This application provides you unused FM frequency which you can use.

Vacant FM Locator

Its fetch your approximation location where ever you traveling in your car. Once it acquires your location then opens the website Finally, this website provides you a list of unused FM frequency that you can access.

6 AllConnect – Play and stream

AllConnect is an FM radio transmitter but as well as it performs various functions like stream your favorite music, movies and photos to your Smart TV. It is the only app which supports all streaming technology.

all content

7 Car Music Player

Car Music Player is specially aimed to design to minimize the accident risks while you driving the car. This app offers you a safe interface for accessing music through while you drive.A user just has to connect their audio jack output to their car radio system.

Car Music Player

Now user can enjoy the songs which are stored in their memory card. You can access it if you have Android 2.2 and up devices.

8 Smart Connect

Smart Connect is an official app of Sony. Through this app the users can link their Smartphone to your car stereo or music system etc. This app offers you perform multiple functions like playing music player, turning Wi-Fi, GPS on/off.

Smart Connect

9 Car Music Connector

Car Music Connector is an app which connects your Smartphone to your car stereo system via Bluetooth. It automatically enables Bluetooth to make connections and start music playback as well.
This app designed in such a way that it uses a low battery. It automatically disables Bluetooth when you leave the car to save battery.

Car Music Connector

10 Simple Radio

Simple Radio is another user-friendly app around the world for listening to your favorite AM/FM radio. It is having near about 30,000 stations which give you ample music to hear while driving the car.


11 Car Home Ultra

What all you need for a comfortable diving a perfect app. This app managing radio and music when you driving the car. It has unique features like alarm you about speed limit or shows GPS location.
It is one of the coolest apps for (transmitting) and offers you lots of channels with superb audio quality from your local area.

Car Home Ultra

12 Podcast Radio Music – CastBox

This app offers you everything that you looking for like (music streaming, audio books) for free. This app lets you play songs from your Android phone on your car stereo.


It is most entertaining of the best app for last year by Google Play. It has a huge collection of all latest songs like pop, rock etc.

13 App Remote

App Remote is another good app for those who like to have music all the time while driving the car.

App Remote


So these are best ‘FM Transmitter’ app which we mentioned above for your Android device like Tablet, Smartphone etc. Before sorted in our list we check it for a parameter like rating, user views, no of user etc.

So make most of it kill your road trip boredom to a musical journey!!

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