12 Best Internet Speed Test Tools, Sites, and Apps

Once in a while, it happens that you get low web speed because of server issues yet testing again and again and afterward taking normal of all outcomes will give you the most the exact outcome.

A web speed test can give you the down-low on your download and transfer speeds, specifying regardless of whether your network access supplier is satisfying its end of the broadband contract.

12 Best Internet Speed Test Tools, Sites, and Apps

Obviously, there are considerable measures of alternatives out there to test your web transmission capacity, and a few destinations and applications offer a bigger number of insights than others. There are so many online speed test tools available; we are share

10 Best Internet Speed Test Tools

  1. Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is popular internet speed test tool which is owned by Ookla. It is very simple and easy to use. Simply tap on Begin Test and following few moments it will disclose to you what download and transfer speed you are getting. From this, you can also detect the IP.


This application is available for Android, Windows and iOS portable. It is anything but difficult to test with the versatile application rather than the portable program.

App: Android and iOS

  1. BandwidthPlace

BandwidhPlace is based on HTML5 and works very fast. It automatically connects you to nearby available servers and detects your internet ISP and IP. It is one of the best free internet speed test tools which help to find internet speed of desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, mobiles etc.


BandwidthPlace has no app it has the only website. You can start the test with only a single tick on begin catch, and it additionally demonstrates you pointer while testing.

  1. SpeedOf.Me

SpeedOf.Me is based on HTML5 and it skips flash and Java required on the grounds. The device gives you a chance to test web association speed with a constant chart and have the alternative to send out the outcomes in an archive design.


It works with iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. It does not have any mobile apps. But work fine in the mobile browser. It uses 59 servers around the globe and your web speed test is keep running from the speediest and most solid one at the given time.

  1. TestMySpeed

TestMySpeed is a standout amongst the most prominent web speed test tool which is trying web speed of different internet connection. It is using since 2000. Utilizing TestMySpeed, you can check your web speed effectively and fast without any flash player.


It loads very fast and you can detect easily your location and nearby servers. It is easy to use and just single click you can start the speed test. It does not have any mobile apps. But work fine in the mobile browser.

  1. Speed.io

Speed.io is best internet test tool which looks amazing for its odometer. You can test in a single tick, yet it shows the outcome on another page. You cannot choose the server, it naturally selects the closest accessible servers.


It not just gives subtle elements data of your download and transfer speed of web association additionally gives a snappy investigation with a graph. When you begin the test, you can see IP and program noticeably on the device as you visit the site.

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  1. TestInternetSpeed

TestInternetSpeed is another free online web speed test instrument to check your web speed. You should simply tap on the catch named “Start Test”. The device will begin testing your download speed first. Look at the cool activity while you sit tight for the outcomes. When it has completed the test for download speed, will introduce the outcome to you and begin doing the test for transfer speed. Once that test is over, it will introduce the outcomes to you inside the Flash-based apparatus itself.


This web speed test apparatus does not request that you introduce anything on your PC, and keeps running from the server itself. It is spotless, safe, and sufficiently quick to get you through the test without smothering a yawn of fatigue.

  1. Fast.com

Fast.com is another tool to check the internet speed. It is simple to use. It works automatically when you enter the site its shows your internet speed in few seconds. This display is like meter which works in number. It loads very fast and no app for android. But it opens quickly in mobile brewers. This site is run by Netflix.


App: Android

  1. AT&T Internet Speed

AT&T Internet Speed is well-known media transmission organization.  AT&T has a concealed speed test apparatus, who utilizes Ookla innovation for speed test. The look of a meter is cool. You can use it directly. It has signed in email option which is not compulsory.  You can directly open the site and click on start button.

AT&T Internet Speed

It selects sever automatically and no flash player required. It does not have any mobile apps. But work fine in the mobile browser.

  1. FCC Speed Test

The FCC Speed Test application precisely measures your versatile broadband execution and presentations an inside and out the perspective of its components.  When you install this app it will automatically perform tests on the mobile network you are connected to (cellular or Wi-Fi) when you aren’t using your smartphone.

FCC Speed Test

Federal Communications Commission provides real-time performance data on your device. It gives historical results available at the touch of a screen. It is the ad-free app which available on play store.

App: Android and iOS

  1. iSpeedoMeter

iSpeedoMeter is another tool for internet speed. The features of this tool are so good. For check your internet speed, when you open this site Click Here button shown on their homepage then click on it and within few seconds you’ll easily come to know your internet speed.


It has application for Android and iOS. Which features are:

  • Very easy and small in size
  • Ability to change the color
  • Speed limit warning
  • It uses GPS provider only
  1. Speakeasy Speed test

Speakeasy is a straightforward Internet speed test site that can check the data transfer capacity between your home systems. Speakeasy is popular internet speed test tool which is owned by Ookla.

Speakeasy Speed test

The site is exceptionally easy to utilize, keeps a record of your past test outcomes, and gives you a chance to fare them to a spreadsheet document.

  1. Dslreports

Dslreports has diverse interface and is quick to stack. In only a single tick you can play out the speedtest. It is extremely streamlined outline. It does not have any mobile app but its work very fast in mobile browser. It auto select the close-by servers, and there is no choice for server choice.


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