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Fix the USB Ports of System For Windows 7,8 & 10

Fix the USB Ports of System

Have you ever encountered the error notification, when you try to plug-in a USB device to the USB port of your computer or laptop? When you have such problems, the connection is terminated and you cannot access the data on…

League Voice Not Working! How To Fix This?

League Voice Not Working! How To Fix This?

According to the crazy players of league of legends, it is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the category of online games. There are millions of players playing this game online even though the launch of this game…

Loudness Equalization For Windows 10

Loudness Equalization For Windows 10

You love to enjoy playing various types of media on your Windows 10. That is why you have reached this blog. The separate volumes and differing sounds of YouTube, music, podcast, and all other types of files have irritated users.…

Avast won’t update – How to Fix this Issue


We all want to keep our computer systems protected from potential security threats. In order to get this task done, we usually try to install powerful security software. Whenever it comes to powerful antivirus programs, then “the Avast” is having…

12 Best Work from Home Apps, Gadgets, Tools


There was a time when the only way to communicate was a face-to-face conversation. This led to the only requirement of having all the employees working from the exact same location and the same office. There was no alternative for…