12 Best Work from Home Apps, Gadgets, Tools

There was a time when the only way to communicate was a face-to-face conversation. This led to the only requirement of having all the employees working from the exact same location and the same office. There was no alternative for that and that’s how our past generation worked. I have been working online for the past ten years, and have gradually developed a workflow because of some powerful apps and hardware. The use of good work from home gadgets and apps helps you to stay in touch with your colleagues. So, let’s take a look at some of the best work from home apps and gadgets.

Best Work From Home Apps and Gadgets


1. Zoom

It is a video conferencing app that works like Skype. It is suitable for meetings, however, being very quick to install, and other features such as multiple callers and recording. The best part, it is free, but you have to pay for the advanced features. Also, Zoom is useful for professionals like consultants, coaches, and counselors that want to continue seeing clients. For these people, Zoom is no doubt one of the best work from home Apps.

2. Slack

 Already, many offices are using Slack and for good reason. Slack is a kind of “WhatsApp” for business. Sometimes, it can lead to distraction and off-topic chat but is also important for pestering colleagues with questions or instructions. Slack has many useful features too, you can see who is available, create teams and groups within your organization.

3. Workplace

 As Slack is called WhatsApp for business, Workplace is Facebook. Actually, the social network comes from Facebook and contains many similarities of features and design sensibilities. There is emphasis only on the tools and features useful for getting stuff done.

4. Asana

 Asana is a project management tool with the help of which multiple people can work on a single project. Projects are made and then assigned, while the followers can see any updates as they get posted. One can create sub-tasks, add attachments, and set due dates. A tool like Asana is important for teams, but it is also helpful for individual workflows. Its availability is on every platform and is supported widely.

5. Sharepoint

Sharepoint is a tool created by Microsoft helpful for collaboration of documents because of seamless integration with Microsoft Office. It works like Google Drive/Docs, but is aimed at the business audience and provides features such as workflows and lists. Sharepoint comes into its own while working on big projects. For example, my recent publisher used Sharepoint to collaborate with me on my books.

6. Google Drive/Docs

Google Drive/Docs is a good option for those with less specific needs. You can upload spreadsheets and articles and can see comments and changes shared by colleagues.


1. Notion

Notion is no doubt a fantastic app that is becoming famous because of productive YouTubers like Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal. It is a note-taking app that contains many features that make it versatile and extremely powerful.

Like many note-taking apps, one can create pages that appear in a hierarchical view on the left. You can convert any text you enter into a link tour new page, a list, a table, or an embedded image. Even, you can export your notes as PDFs or webpages. Recently, Notion has also added specific features for collaboration and remote work to support teams.

2. Todoist

It is a to-do app. Without the help of your manager, keeping records of everything that has to be done is tricky. Thankfully, there are apps like Todoist to keep a record of all this.

Todoist is an amazing app, because of its ubiquitous presence and the powerful natural language processing. The latter means you can say/type anything like “send a message to John every Saturday” and it will create a recurring task each Monday. Also, it syncs properly with digital assistants like Alexa.

Many crucial features are available on a free account, but you have to pay for things like reminders.

3. Google calendar

Google calendar is the calendar of million’s people choice around the world. It has a host of useful features, availability on every platform, and is compatible with a range of apps and tools. If you haven’t set up your calendar yet, this is the time for that.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the best work from home apps. It is not the best value but contains a lot of features that are very useful: like sharing links with people not having an account, or knowing that all files are backed up should anything go wrong. One can sync individual folders between the computers.


1. Noise-canceling headphones

You are working from home on an important project and don’t have time for distractions. Unluckily, your son – who has been sent from the childminder to home – didn’t get the memo. Noise-canceling headphones can provide some calm, and you can also listen to your favorite tunes.

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2. Apple Watch Series 5

It is certainly not an important purchase, but it’s definitely extremely useful. The Apple Watch is an amazing gadget for an iOS device, that will get all your notifications on your wrist. It is very comfortable, as you don’t need to take your phone out of the pocket to see notifications.

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3. A portable hard drive

If your work includes lots of big files, then it can save a lot of time and hassle. A portable hard drive can be used for sharing video clips between desktop and laptop. If you are a video editor, or a designer, using a hard drive for larger files may be useful.

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These are the things which play a very important role for people around. Just make sure you are relying on all those things important to make things work in your favor.

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