10 Most Coolest & Productive Tech Gadgets for Working from Home

If you feel like you’re missing your home office and could use a little upgrade, don’t worry, I’ve got some solutions for you. To make your everyday life easier with the right technical tools, you can do things differently. We continue on our mission to help you find the right gadget and find the most powerful and useful cool tech gadgets you can buy online right now.

Best Tech Gadgets For Work

1. Charger

Most of us wear different devices all the time. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart watches … can be added to the list. As we live such connected lives, it’s important to ensure that all of our devices have battery power to keep the workday alive. This includes charging accessories – these signs have multiple ports and fast charging options for devices across all bands. After all, nothing degrades your performance more than a dead laptop.

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2. A Bluetooth keywords

Cable grouping has become one of the most common annoyances for me, so I recommend buying a Bluetooth keyboard for everyone. There are no buttons to connect to your computer or a battery to monitor – the keyboard is charged via MicroUSB.

It has been used on Anker’s keyboards for years as it is built so reliably. I didn’t experience any delay between pressing the button and showing it on the screen or any other type of scale. Most importantly, the keys feel very comfortable when you type. Travel with enough keys to keep you typing comfortably for extended periods of time.

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3. Printer

We live in a wireless world, but having a printer at home is still convenient. I’ve been using this one from Brother for the past year and a half and I’m impressed with how many times it has come in handy. It is a multifunction printer that can print, scan and copy documents and has built-in WiFi so you can use all functions from your computer, tablet or mobile phone without having to connect with a cable. Whether you’re adding a printed presentation or boarding pass, you can use the printer at home.

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4. Smart lightbulb

Creating the right atmosphere in a room is very beneficial for work, which is why I invested in a Philips Hue light bulb set. The smart light bulb is connected to my WiFi network and controlled by my phone. The lights in my office don’t have a smoking switch, but I can make these lights lighter or darker all at once. I use an iPhone, but Philips also has an app for Android users.

There are many different types of Philips Hue bulbs out there, but I recommend White Ambiance for your home office. You can’t turn these light bulbs into crazy colors, but you can tweak their warmth to brighten your eyes. Yellow makes it easier to work late into the night.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit

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5. Laptop stand

Laptops are great for comfort and mobility, but they come at the expense of ergonomics. Ideally, the top of the screen should be a few inches above your eye level. Since the laptop screen is attached to the keyboard, this is nearly impossible to achieve while sitting down. As a result, prolonged work on the laptop can cause lethargy and pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

There are two ways to fix this: get a separate laptop and keyboard stand, or buy a monitor at eye level. Most chose the former as a more practical and cost-effective solution. Laptop prices start at very affordable prices (usually the plastic type).

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6. Webcam

When appointments and events become virtual, it’s time to consider a good webcam – especially if you’re using a desktop without a built-in camera. Depending on your work area, you can invest in a different webcam even if you already have a laptop, as this offers many advantages over the integrated version. For example, the resolution quality, field angle, and flexibility are better with an external webcam. This can be useful if your job requires demonstrations such as fitness training, classes, design, or live streaming.

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7. Plants to boost your mood

Plants are more than just great decorations. Research shows that staying around plants is good for your health – they filter the air, and their presence is therapeutic. The plants are bright and on the contrary, give color to the interior. Plants help us cope with stress better and purify our energy. Psychologists have found that bringing flora to work can increase productivity by up to 15 percent.

Are you afraid of being a plant killer? Do not get up. It is known that the plant is very tough and requires little care. For example, the receiver is a solid place to build your own indoor garden.

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8. Wireless router 

A wireless router is another cool tech gadget. One of the most annoying things about working from home is dealing with dropping internet connections. This will prevent you from getting the job done and could cause chaos if the wifi video call explodes. An essential part of any productive workspace is undoubtedly a reliable and fast wireless router you can rely on.

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9. Macbook

When you are in what seems like an eternity, the feeling of using a new computer that was hooked up in 2013 for the MacBook Pro is unlike any other. Suddenly, the pages are loading at lightning speed, your fingers are flying, and you are passing tasks like there is no tomorrow.

Is it time to live that wonderful feeling once again? If you are in the market for a new laptop, keep in mind the daily demands of your job. Are you a graphic designer who needs to run several large programs at a time? 

Are you a programmer who needs to compile code quickly? You may be a writer who needs a fast browser to research the subject and use email. 

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Consider these factors before deciding on the right upgrade for you.

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