How To Fix Kodi Couldn’t Connect To Network Server!

Have you experienced the issue of KODI COULDN’T CONNECT TO the NETWORK SERVER? Do not worry, because it is a common issue, and lots of users have reported this error. You may be wondering what does it mean. If you see this error, it means you are trying to add a file source or to install the Kodi addons.

Here, in this article, I will guide you through some fixes that you can use to fix this error. Try one of the solutions whenever you get an error like KODO COULDN’T CONNECT TO NETWORK SERVER, and you will see your problem solved.


Like I have said above, there are several ways you can use to fix this error. Go through this section, and try out these ways to resolve your issue

Try To Check Your Internet Connection:

For users or Android TV/Box or Computer, it is a must to have a strong internet connection to use Kodi with WiFi. When you see errors like KODI COULDN’T CONNECT TO NETWORK SERVER, it may want to say that your internet connection is not working.

Try to run the WINDOWS NETWORK DIAGNOSTIC UTILITY to find out if you have any faults in the network connection. It troubleshoots issues and detects errors for network connections.

If you think your internet connection is working, and you are facing this issue, then go to other solutions

Try Rechecking Your URL:

There is the possibility of a wrongly typed URL. Some users do it by mistake, and in some cases, users get an error of KODI COULDN’T CONNECT TO NETWORK SERVER. To resolve this error, Rechecking your URL is a must. It is because there is a possibility of unnecessary spaces, errors in http (http instead of HTTP), and other mistakes. So, copy and paste the URL to Kodi.

If you have saved the URL, you can edit it through the following steps.

  1. Land to SETTINGS.

2. Go to FILE MANAGER from the SYSTEM page.

3. Right-click and choose EDIT.

4. There is a list of URL addresses.

5. There, you can search for any mistakes in those URL addresses. If any, try to remove unwanted errors.

6. After that, you have to click on OM and save your changes.

7. Still, you have issues? Now, go through the below give solutions below to deal with it.


Try Checking If Source Is Running Properly:

If you have added the URL, but you have no idea if it is working or not, then you will see an error KODI UNABLE TO CONNECT TO THE NETWORK SERVER. It has happened with lots of users, and they have solved it this way.

If the domain is shut down, then Kodi is changing URLs frequently. Therefore, you require to know about new URLs for your add-ons that you want to install.

Search that URL on your web browser to check the current status of that URL. It will give you an idea about if it works or not. If it works, there are add-ons on that page. However, if it does not work anymore, there will be nothing rather than an error on that webpage.

Try Using VPNs:

When users do not use VPNs, their internet service providers or the government, or the developers of this game can access all your activities and activity log. If it happens, they can block the traffic directed to the IP Address. To prevent this from happening, try to use one of the best VPN services.

Try Updating Kodi Add-ons:

If Kodi does not have the latest versions and updates, it can show up you an error like KODI COULDN’T CONNECT TO NETWORK SERVER. In general, it installs updates automatically, but when you have this error, I advise you to check if the update is available or not. Following steps will help.

  1. Land to KODI HOMEPAGE.

2. Tap on ADD-ONS.

3. Tap on MY ADD-ONS.

4. Choose the CHECK FOR UPDATES option. It will automatically install and update the latest versions.

5. Restart your KODI now.

6. If it still gives you an error, try using the following solution to solve your error.

Try Reinstalling Your Kodi:

Try to uninstall your Kodi and reinstall your Kodi to check if your issue resolves. When you uninstall Kodi, try to delete all the stuff and data related to it. After that, restart Computer before reinstalling Kodi. Download the latest version of Kodi from its official website and reinstall it. Run Kodi, and check if it shows you an error like UNABLE TO CONNECT KODI. It will be working as it should be.

Final Thoughts:
Did this article solve your issue? If you have seen an error like KODI COULDN’T CONNECT TO NETWORK SERVER, then try to use one of the solutions that I have listed above to connect Kodi with a network server.

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