League Voice Not Working! How To Fix This?

According to the crazy players of league of legends, it is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the category of online games. There are millions of players playing this game online even though the launch of this game was years ago. However, we think there is no surprise if you face troubles while playing this game of using similar apps like this. It is because the apps with such a large user base are prone to have lots of troubles, and you have to find the solutions. Therefore, in this article, I will help you fix the most common error of league of legends, league of legends voice chat does not work. Here are some possible solutions you can try.

Why Does Mic Of League Of Legends Not Work?

When this game provides a chatting option, if you face issues of voice chat, you do not like that. Following are the reasons why voice chat does not work.

  1. Incorrect audio system set-ups.
  2. In-game sounds disable.
  3. If you do not use updated drivers, then it happens.
  4. Issues of audio-related systems.

How To Fix League Voice Chat Not Working?

After understanding the reasons behind this error, we can start solving it. Use one of the solutions to solve this error.

Try Joining Voice Channel Automatically:

Do not forget to make sure you have enabled in-game sounds. If not, you need to change the voice settings in the client. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to your client, and tap on the SETTINGS icon.
  2. Look for the VOICE section at the left pane.

4. Do not forget to set your INPUT DEVICE as EXTERNAL MICROPHONE.

Try Checking Physical Connection:

I advise you to check the connections between your PC and speakers or headphones, which you use for audio outputs. It will help you to eliminate all the possible issues of CONNECTION in your League Voice Chat.

If you think it was only a connection issue, it will allow you to chat with your friends because you have solved this issue.

Try Correcting Audio Input Source & Output Source:

Most users say that they have solved the issue by doing this. They have solved the error by resetting their audio channels to default. It may happen because of windows updates or apps that you have changed or installed. It makes default speakers route the audio through the same source.

If you use multiple audio output devices then it occurs. But, you can solve it and disable other things while playing this game. Follow these steps to do it.

  1. Click on the SPEAKER icon.
  2. Look and click on OPEN SPUND SETTINGS.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose the preferred output device in the OUTPUT section.
  4. After that, go to the MANAGE SOUND DEVICES option.
  5. Tap on the device you do not use under the OUTPUT DEVICE section.

6. Tap on the DISABLE button.

7. Try repeating this process for other devices you are not using for this game.

8. Go to the INPUT DEVICES section, and check if the microphone is enabled or not. If not, make it ENABLED.

Once you save the changes, you can use speakers and microphones without facing any issues. However, due to any reason, if you can not use it, there may be some issues with your system. Here I have given the solution for it.


Some apps control your speakers and microphones. If you think this can be the case, then turn it off from the SETTINGS.

To prevent apps from controlling your speakers, change SETTINGS for ALLOW APPLICATIONS TO TALE EXCLUSIVE CONTROL.

Try Updating Your Sound Drivers:

You may be using an outdated sound driver. It causes errors in the league of legends game. If you update your device drivers, you give importance to the system for its proper functioning.

When some drivers expire or if you use an obsolete driver, it can not support the sound systems anymore. Therefore, you require to check for the versions or drivers. If you think your drivers are creating this issue, then immediately take action and update your sound drivers to prevent this issue.

Try Checking Your PC Volumes:

Sometimes, because of some reasons, you might have kept your computer volume too low, and you do not have any ideas about it. If any of the above-discussed solutions can not help you, you must check your PC volume. Or if you have not kept it low, there might be some issues keeping it at low. If you check and find it too low, then increase your PC volume immediately.


Final Thoughts:

Did you succeed in solving your error? Could this article fix issue of league voice not work? We have discussed the six most accurate and working ways to solve the error of voice chat in a league of legends. These solutions will fix this issue.

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