Fix-Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Administrator Mode Detected explained

When you launch Edge Chromium as an administrator or launch a link from the software in administrative mode, suddenly a dialogue box appears to give you the warning. The warning is about the Administrator Mode Detected appear in the top right corner of the page.

The Warning message is like

Close Microsoft Edge and re-launch in non-administrator mode for better performance.

Have you ever wondered what this message about and why it is showing to you? Let me tell you what it is.

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Administrator Mode Detected 

Administrator Mode Detected is a security feature. The warning provided by Microsoft edge suggests the user runs the program without admin rights. This is to prevent the user from risk. If you run the browser with administrator rights it can cause the browser to work abnormally and it is very risky. Whenever you run any program or software from the Microsoft Edge browser it will take over its security level.

Let’s say, you launch edge chromium with administrator rights and launch from the browser, then that program will also run with the administrator right.

“If you download some program or install some software from the Microsoft Edge browser and that program or software contains some malware then this will force the browser to run abnormally and it will also gain full access to the browser accompanied by the window”.

There is a good reason why Microsoft doesn’t want the edge to run with the administrator mode. In the elevated mode, the Microsoft edge will have administrator access to all the files which includes sensitive and system files. Because of this any software malware can easily inherit the administrator mode and overwrite those files and the user will not even realize that the files have been changed or corrupt.

How to Fix the Microsoft Edge Administrator Mode Detected

Although the Microsoft Edge team has fixed the issue, if you still see the message then you can try the following to get rid of that message.

  • Set UAC level to “Notify me when apps try to make any changes to my computer”.
  • Create a standard account on Windows and run the browser.

How to Disable the Microsoft Edge Administrator Mode Detected Message

Microsoft has published the list on which they are going to work on and implement. It also includes the Administrator Mode Detected Message issue. Edge has provided an option for the user to disable the Administrator Mode Detected Message. A new feature is added using which you can disable the Administrator Detected Mode Message.

1) Go to the flag address in the Edge Chromium and type the following.

edge://flags/#edge-de-elevate-on-launch As it is shown in the image below.

2) By using the drop-down button change the setting for the ‘De-elevate browser on launch’ flag from default to enable.

3) Click on the restart button to apply the changes.

If you launch the Chromium Edge Browser in Administrator mode without the user consent, then with the setting you have done above the browser will be re-launched automatically as a user who is logged in currently. The flag will also push an alert asking users to re-launch the browser without administrator privileges if it detects that the browser is running with the Administrator privileges.

So now “Administrator Mode Detected” this message will not display on your Microsoft Edge Browser anymore.

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