How to Get Password Breach Alerts in Microsoft Edge

We saw Google Chrome this year launch a new feature called “Password Check-up,” which simply alerts us that the saved passwords have been dropped or compromised somewhere. We also have a comprehensive guide on how to use the Chrome Password Search App. However, you can pass along the following tutorial to see how you can do it right now if you can’t wait to check out the new functionality. We can also demonstrate how you can search your stolen passwords on demand by using the latest app. The recently released “Password Monitor” function is for you if you are someone who does this. Password Monitor has recently been implemented in Microsoft Edge, which helps users to monitor their passwords and notifies them if any have been found.

Now Microsoft Edge browser looks like it has a similar feature called a “password monitor,” which helps patients to track their passwords much like in Chrome’s password check-up tool. It also informs whether any of the passwords stored have been stolen. So, the password monitor will inform you of the crucial steps you can follow to remain safe when registering on any website that is compromised. Already present in Google Chrome, this feature is now also available for users of Microsoft Edge. Start with the guide and see How to get Microsoft Edge Password Infringement Warnings.


How to get password breach alerts in Microsoft Edge

Followings steps need to be followed to Enable Password Breach Alerts in Microsoft Edge Browser.

This function is designed to send an in-browser message that will let you know about the security issue when the Edge browser detects a compromised password. If you want to test the new functionality, check out the following guide.

Point to remember: From now on the Microsoft Edge Dev Channel functionality is only available. Make sure that the latest functionality is allowed using Microsoft Edge (Dev Channel).

  • First of all, you need to download and install Microsoft Edge (Dev/Canary). It will be available on the official Edge Insider website.
  • A pop option will appear saying “Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak.”
  • Enable it
  • Once you switch it on, you will see the ‘View Results‘ option as:
  • Click on it, and then all your saved passwords will be displayed in front of your screen.
  • From this screen, you can check either any of your passwords is compromised or not. For this, you need to click on Scan Now option given.
  • Once the process is completed, you will start receiving alerts related to your password breach. Also, you can run an online scan anytime to ensure the security of your passwords.


In this pandemic situation, we need to keep our financial and important records safe. The data fraud or password breach-related crimes are increasing day by day. However, with the help of this Password breach option, you will be able to save important passwords from getting leaked online. 

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