How to enable Google Assistant for Voice Search in Chrome on Android

Google Assistant can also be found on Android to scan Google Chrome, and not for a while. This move prevents Chrome users from being forced to contend with the lackluster speech recognition before. The latest trick enables you to allow the new voice search user interface without running a Chrome creator, Beta, or Canary, as it is in a stable Chrome 87 update. You should open the window on your Android smartphone to unlock your latest voice search experience in Chrome. Then type chrome:/flags, switch on an Omnibox voice search option, and restart Chrome. You can then search through chrome:/flags/#omnibox web address bar.

Chrome also supports the latest update of Google Assistant, which now offers an affordable, snazzy, flashing interface, instead of a narrow window at the bottom third of the view. But the latest Google Assistant app is not required; you can enable Google Assistant voice search for Chrome on both smartphones, but it will look different based on what user interface your phone is using.


Although Google Assistant Voice Search has its advantages, Chrome doesn’t have a default option. You need to allow the experimental function by triggering a Chrome flag, but it can be used with Chrome 87 or later on all Android devices. You may want Google to transform Chrome’s Google Assistant into a later upgrade by default, but now it can be enabled manually:

Guide For Enabling Google Assistant For Voice Search In Chrome

  • First of all, you need to open the chrome browser in your Android smartphone
  • In the search bar, you need to type: chrome://flags as:
  • Now go to the Search flags” searching bar and enter:  Omnibox Assistant Voice Search.
  • Within seconds you we see the result on your screen, select it and hit on Default tab
  • A popup screen will appear along with options as:
  • Select and hit on the Enabled option and your task will be done.
  • Finally, hit on Relaunch tab and the chrome will be restarted.

Use the latest voice search option and get sorted:

Tap the icon in Chrome’s Omnibox Bar to start Google Assistant and use the latest voice search. Ask your question or talk loudly about your search criteria; your question will be answered by Google Assistant and a new Chrome tab will open with appropriate searches.

Google Assistant is faster, and it incorporates the Chrome searches into the larger cross-app capability of the assistant. Better is the accuracy of Google Assistant, too. It can understand many languages by default, so multilingual users no longer have to change the default device language for browsing the web in another language in Android settings tediously. If these steps are complete, you can start browsing the site by tapping the micro icon or Omnibox of Chrome on a new tab page using your voice. Of course, the Assistant will provide you with voice response, and typical browser search results will also be provided. That said, if you press the Icon directly on, the new experience would not be accessible.

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