10 easiest ways to Access Blocked sites – How to

What is block sites?

Block sites are those which are banned so that we can’t access to them when we need it. I face this problem especially when I was in my school or college days.

Spending lot of time there sometime make me feels bored. When I am free there at that type I need something to overcome that problem. So at that time, I visit my favorite music sites to listen to the music but I am not able to do that.

My school or college administration blocked those music sites. Are you people suffering same with that problem? If yes then I bring a solution for you so that you can unblock those music sites simply and securely.

How to access blocked sites?

There are many different ways to access blocked sites-

1) Use VPN

VPN is short form Virtual Private Network. It is the best way to get access to those blocked music sites which is not allowed at your school or college server.  Such a manner is changed your present location and provide hidden browsing with formidable security than proxy servers. It is work like to proxy servers.

Different type for VPN:


It is simple and easiest VPN software service. It is the best application to get access to free unblocked music sites. It’ll provide you full security whether you want to access to your favorite music sites and hide your location.

ii. Tunnel Bear VPN

It is much similar to ProXPN VPN. It works on both Android & Windows (Windows XP to Windows 8). It can be used to save your privacy, to use the Internet without any restriction. Tunnel Bear brings privacy to everyone with their incredibly simple apps.

2) Use Google translate:

It is normally used to convert a various form of text and media, including sites, image, or video from one language to another language.  It supports almost every browser, operating system and available for smartphones including Android and iOS devices.

It’s used to unblock music website in the particulate area like school or colleges. For unblock the music site at college, enter the URL of the music site in the box then it translates to another language.

Google translator has an advantage that it is faster than other all methods and can be used in all schools or colleges, your operating system firewall won’t restrict the translated URL.

3) Use Proxy sites:

Mostly school or colleges are blocked music sites. Access to any music website which is blocked at school or college area then we use proxy websites.

Any sites which are blocked in any particular area region (school or colleges) you will connect to proxy sites. That’s way you can get access to blocked music sites used by proxy sites.

The best thing about proxy sites doesn’t get your personal data. Proxy websites are hiding your IP address from a virginal server.

Some proxy websites are there:









4) Use Zenmate:

ZenMate is software which is available all mobile device (Android or iOS) and computer (Windows and Mac OS X). Zen mate protects your device at school or colleges and IP address is also hidden by them. It secures all traffic on your browser like Firefox, Google Chrome.

ZenMate easily turns on your browser and shift your location to some other countries. So that you will simply access your unblocked sites.

5) Google cache:

The websites cache hoard by the Google also it is the perfect part of it. Its benefit to see blocked music sites along cache pages. It is very easy and even newcomer person can do this.

In Google, yahoo or bing, search the blocked music sites and wait for a search result. You can also use text-only version added by a search engine if you want to load page more fats. The acute right of the search result you’ll see an option ‘cache’. Click on it and access to blocked sites.

6) Use torrent sites:

In school or college site Torrent sites are commonly blocked by an administration. Recently the torrent blocked by the Indian government. In this way, you will use the proxy server to enter torrent engines and easily identify your music which is your favorite.

Some are as follow:





7) TOR:

TOR (The Onion Router) is outstanding software to access the blocked music websites. It provides full security of its users and protects your Internet activities from being tracked and will allow you to Open blocked sites.

It does not publish the personal details of its users. This software has no cost. This software has slow but it is the fabulous mechanism to access the blocked music sites while saving your privacy.

8) Opera Mini Simulator:

The opera mini browser has very exclusive features. Those people who have internet connection very slow can install opera mini browser on your computer and mobile device.

Opera Mini connects itself to other opera mini servers rather than connecting to other servers hosted by the websites so it uses very easy. Use its access to blocked music websites. For this method minimum, 85 percent web sites are unblocked.

On a computer running the Opera Portable on a flash drive at your school or colleges. After that turn on Opera Turbo, Opera servers receive the request which is sent by your browser.

It acts as anonymous proxies for you. Opera servers from communicating with you, the network will not be blocking the opera servers. Find out your favorite songs safely which you like.

9) Use Tiny URL service:

A URL shortener is an converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) into its condensed format. It is an online application. It is the easy and quick method to access blocked music sites.

There are few points just follow for access blocked music sites:

i. Pick the URL shortening service you mostly use.

ii. Enter your websites, enter the web address and click enter.

iii. In short of time, you get short URL.

iv. You have tiny URL, open it in your web browser.

v. Access the banned websites.

10. Use Way back machine:

Way back machine tells about how your website looks during last year. This machine store data almost all sites.Chose most recent cache using this machine as it looks like actual websites. Which website you want to visit, enter the URL that website, hit it and access the blocked music sites. But this cache trick may won’t work on Social media sites.

Hope you must have understood how to access blocked sites at college or school, so go and enjoy!!

List of some unblocked websites is below. You will enjoy using that website at your college or school.










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