How to delete Roblox account?

Are you also one of those looking out for the ways that can help in treating your Roblox account? Well, you will be quite sad to know that Roblox does not provide any of the methods through which users can directly delete their accounts. But still, if you actually wish to delete one, then there are some tricks that can be taken into consideration.

Before proceeding further towards deleting the Roblox account, it is important for you to know that why you are not able to delete your account directly? Well, according to the opinion of Roblox, they think that due to having a lack of time, users choose not to play the game for a while. The Roblox team continuously works to enhance the experience of the players and willing to keep them engaged in the game. You can also visit the FAQ section to get exact details regarding the same. Simply, Roblox does not want to lose its users, and that is why the deleting option is not available. But still, there are tricks available for resolving any sort of problem. So let’s get started.

Delete your Information and Disable the Roblox Account

One of the best methods that you can take into consideration is, deleting your “ABOUT YOU” information and replacing the essential ones with the fake ones. For this,

  • First of all, you need to open your browser and enter the Roblox site name that is
  • Go to the login dialogue box and complete the sign-in process. For this, you need to enter your login id, username and password
  • Thereafter come click on the login tab and you will get access to your game page.
  • Now, go to the settings. For this, you need to click on the settings button available at the right upper corner of the page.
  • Drop down menu will appear, click on the settings option and then a page will appear along with information about you
  • Erase the information and replace the essential one with the fake details
  • Once you follow this process your account will be removed or you can say replaced with the fake ones. Other users will not be able to find you.

Along with the above given, there are some other ways also that can help you out in deleting the Roblox account.

Delete Your Account by Inactivity:

Yes, you have read it right. Inactivity can also lead to deleting your Roblox account permanently. In this part, we are going to provide the details that how you can easily logout of your account on the mobile devices.

Yes, you have read it right. Inactivity can also lead to deleting your Roblox account permanently. In this part, we are going to provide the details that how you can easily logout of your account on the mobile devices.

  • First of all, from your mobile device, you need to login through the Roblox app.
  • From the bottom right corner you need to click on more buttons.
  • From the menu of your Roblox Account, you need to tap on the logout text button available.
  • A popup will appear asking you to confirm your logging out.
  • Confirm it.
  • If you do not log into your Roblox account for around one year then your Roblox account to will permanently be deleted from the service.

Some other methods for Roblox Account Deletion:

Actually, if you delete your personal information, that does not mean you have disabled your Roblox account. It is just like you are protecting your personal information, but sometimes it happens that the servers store your personal information that you have earlier provided. So there are some other methods also that can prove to be helpful.

Violate the Roblox rules and get banned:

You can get banned by violating the rules three times. According to the violation of the rules service, if you violate the rules three times, then you will end up being banned, and your account will be permanently deleted. However, this process is neither simple nor convenient. And it also consumes quite a large share of time.

Take the help of the customer care executives:

You can also simply contact customer care either through the phone number or via email. Ask the customer care executive to delete your account. It is important for you to remember that most often, the customer care executive ignores such applies or reverts with negative replies.

Roblox Customer Service Number: 888-858-BLOX.

Roblox Customer Service email:  or

Log out of your device for one year:

As we have already stated, just log out of your Roblox account and don’t log in back for a year. If you do not use your Roblox account for one year or more, your account will be deleted automatically and permanently.


Roblox is one of the popular games among users. It is providing amazing services and introduces new updates to enhance the experience of the users. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to delete the Roblox account either due to lack of time or any other personal reason. In such a situation, the user feels difficulty as there is no deleting option available officially. However, with the help of such tricks, the Roblox account deletion procedure becomes quite easier.

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