Download Videos from Facebook in 4 Easy Steps – How to Guide

Nowadays social networking sites are just like a bridge to keep in touch with our friends. No doubt Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking platforms from a couple of years. Here you share your family & friends moments with others through photos or videos.

Sometimes we saw a video on Facebook and we want to download it to our PC as soon as possible. Because we have a fear in our mind that the person who shares the video can remove it anytime. Now the question is that are you able to download the Facebook video??

How to download videos from Facebook

If you ever tried or fails to download the Facebook video then today we introduced to you a simple way to download it for free. You don’t need any software all you need to follow some basic steps to transfer the video to your PC to see it anytime.

Basics Steps To Download Any Video From Facebook

Step 1: Go to Facebook wall

  • Open up your Facebook account.
  • Now go to a Facebook wall where your video is located which you want to download.

Step 2: Click on to video

  • Click on to that video to play it.
  • Once you played the video then look at the URL above.
  • You’ll find the URL in the address bar.

Step 3: Change the URL

  • When you play the video then you’ll find something like in your address bar.
  • Now replace this ‘www’ to ‘m’ then your URL will reveal like that
  • Hit the enter button and you’ll notice some changes in your Facebook.

Step 4: Save the video

  • Once you do with above-mentioned steps then play the video.
  • Right click on to video leads to the option ‘save video as’.
  • Click on to ‘save video’ option and give the name to a video which you want.
  • Wait for it to the download and once it downloaded completely.
  • Now you can play that video into your PC whenever you want.


So by following these simple steps you can capture any video to your PC folder for free. Now you don’t have to rely on to others for watching any of your favorite videos.

So what you are waiting for guys!!! Enjoys the tricks and see any Facebook video anytime…

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