Best Ways: How to Unblur Pictures & Photos Online

Now a days everyone clicks the picture and share on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. Wherever we go, we want to capture all those moments with us so that we can relive them when we need it.

Best Ways to How to Unblur Pictures & Photos Online

A picture reveals all those sweet memories back to us. Sometimes we find the pictures we clicked on any occasion were blurred? Whatever reason behind that like due to bad light, not the proper placement of camera etc?

That’s really frustrating us and you totally feel helpless at that time. Have you ever been through this?? If yes, then now you don’t have to panic anymore about that issue.

Hopefully, there are online tools and apps through that you can enhance, edit your pictures the way you want.

How to Unblur pictures through online tool

  1. Movavi Photo Editor

It is one of the best sites to fix up your blur pictures. It’s not restricted user up to editing instead of that you can perform different task on it like edit videos, capture screens, and convert media too.

Movavi photo editor

You can download it for both Windows as well as Mac versions.

Step 1: Install Movavi Photo Editor

  • Firstly, when you visit the site then on the homepage you find option for download (Windows as well as Mac version)
  • You can select any language in which you want to install it.
  • Follow the installation instructions and install it.

Step 2: Insert a photo

Once you install it then you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Select your desired image which you want to unblur by clicking on to ‘Browse for Images’ button.
  • Then, simply drag and drop the pictures in the working section of it.

Step 3: Unblur (EDIT) your picture

When you drop your blur photo into working section then follow this

  • On the top, you see an option ‘Adjust’ then click on to that.
  • By clicking it you see various tools like brightness, sharpen etc.
  • You can use these tools according to your requirement to unblur your pic.

Step 4:

  • Finally, you get your crystal clear photo without any blurriness.
  • Save it to your system where you want.

For ‘Windows’ its product is:

  • Photo Editor
  • Video Converter
  • Video Suite
  • Video Editor
  • Screen Capture Studio

For ‘Mac’:

  • Video Converter
  • Video Editor
  • Screen capture studio
  • Photo editor
  • Mac Cleaner
  1. Blurity: Unblur Blur Pics

Blurity removes Focus Blurs as well as Motion Blurs which is caused due to when your camera not properly fixed or wrong autofocus. It is one the best online tool because it’s using military-based technology ‘Blind-Deconvolution’ for removing the blurry effect.


  • First, when you open the site you’ll find download button click on to that to install it.
  • This software is available for ‘Windows’ only not for Mac.
  • Its removes blurriness and enhance picture quality online.
  • You can fix any blurry picture no matter in which format it is because it supports all file format.
  • Using military technology ‘Blind-Deconvolution’ for removing blurriness.
  1. SmartDeblur

You can easily Unblur your pictures no matter whatever reason behind that (wrong autofocus or shaking of a camera while taking a photo). It had features like Restore Motion Blur, Undo Gaussian Blur, or Fine Tunning provides you even better outcomes.


  • Open the site from your browser and download to install it.
  • This software for both Windows as well as Mac user.
  • When an installation is complete then run SmartDeblur then a window will pop up on your desktop.
  • In the center, you find the ‘image viewer whereas on left ‘control panels’ will appear.
  • You can perform the different functions with the areas like

    Zoom: for zoom in or out the image

    File: open and save the images

    Blur Model: you can change the blur area or preview blur path

    Blur Parameters: Performs the basic operation for deblurring image

How to deblur an image

  1. Hit on the ‘open button’ and select the picture from your system which you want to unblur.
  2. Simply, drag and drop that image and once it’s loaded then it’ll appear in the main center area.
  3. At present its support file format likes (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and BMP).
  4. Then go to ‘Blur Parameters’ panel and you will find three types of defect there.

    Out of focus: It happened when your camera is not properly focused.

    Auto detects: when your camera is shaking then it automatically detects that blur.

    Gaussian Blur: Blur caused due to photo-editor like Photoshop etc.

5. Finally, select the blur type and give the command you’ll get the crystal clear image.

4. FocusMagic:

FocusMagic does not use the ‘Unsharp Mask’ technology for sharpening the pictures instead of that it uses the ‘advanced deconvolution’ technology for unblur the image. It removes both types of blur whether it’s ‘Out-of-Focus Blur’ or ‘Motion Blur’.


  • Visit the official site and click on to download button to install it.
  • It is a free software for both ‘Windows’ as well as ‘Mac’ user.
  • Compatible with Photoshop but if you do not have Photo editing program and accessing ‘Windows’ then use it as a self-standing program.
  • It has features like despeckling, increasing resolution, fixing motion and out of focus blur.
  • Very easy or user-friendly to access.
  1. Photo Sharpen

It is an online tool through that you can sharpen images automatically. You don’t need to edit pictures himself all you have to do just upload the picture. Once you do that it’ll automatically edit the photo and finally, you get the Unblur picture.

Photo sharpan

  • Photo Sharpen works all versions of ‘Windows’ and ‘Mac’.
  • It’s an online tool so you don’t have to download it for installation.
  • All you have to do open the official site and you see two buttons their name ‘choose file’ or ‘sharpen’.
  • Click on to ‘choose file’ and select any file from browse which you want to sharpen and then hit on ‘sharpen’.
  • Finally, you get the sharpen image and it supports all major photo file format like BMP, JPEG, and GIF.

So these are best websites through that you can convert you any blur picture into crystal clear image.

How to unblur images through an app?

You can also unblur any image on your Android and iOS Smartphones through various apps.

  1. Fix Photo Blur
  • It is one of the best Android apps for fix up your blurry images.
  • Through sharpening slider, you can easily adjust the level moderate to high.
  • Once you set the level then it easily fixes your unblur as well as Motion blur photo instantly.
  • It can also automatically adjust your photo and unblur it.
  1. Focus it
  • Focus it on iOS device user.
  • It provides you the best quality of an unblurring image.
  • You can also select a particular part from an entire photo which you want to unblur by blurring the rest of part.
  • It has features like Undo or Redoes and saves and share the photo on social media platforms.
  1. Perfectly Clear
  • It’s one of the best iOS apps which you can download it from Apple store just for $2.99.
  • You’ll get the crystal clear image better than original and sharpens them as well.
  • This app contains multiple photo editing tool for sharpening the unblur images.
  • Perfectly clear is best enhancing your photo and looks them dynamic.
  1. After Focus
  • After Focus app for Android device user.
  • You can select a specific part which you want to unblur and rest of the unfocused part gets blur.
  • You can brighten up your specific selected area and also focus on background area through transiting effect.
  • It supports the high-resolution photo as well.
  1. Photo Editor by Aviary
  • One of the best apps for Android device user for editing and unblurring the images.
  • It having a no of features like sharpen and unblur images, adjust brightness, contrast, color balance, Photo frames etc.
  • Plenty of benefits.
  1. Photo Editor
  • Photo Editor is another smart app for iOS user.
  • It’ll fix blurry pictures and you can add pretty effect too.
  • It repairs photos in quick time (seconds) with a special effect like color splash, adjusts brightness, sharpens and blur images etc.
  • Photo Editor is for free in the Apple store.

So these are some powerful apps through that you can deblur, sharpens the images which you want. You can give professional looks to your photos.


Here we mentioned top online tools and apps through that you can sharpen or editing your images. These are the tools which are used by professional for dynamic images.

So what are you waiting for? Use the tools and app for a professional experience. If we missed any of these then let us know.

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