How To Bypass Or Skip Survey For Free

It’s been very annoying for the users to complete an online survey before downloading any File, Software, Music or Video file. So ‘Survey’ is nothing it’s a way of marketing for fetching the information from users in order to make money online. ‘Online Survey’ also very annoying, data wasting, time-consuming and it turns our good browsing experience to worst.

How To Bypass Or Skip Survey For Free

Nowadays, an online survey is the biggest threat to our personal data. There are many phishing websites out there which force you fill your personal info like email ID, contact no etc in order to download your desired file. Once you fill your personal information then it can be easily misused.

Hopefully, there are some ‘online tools’ and ‘websites’ out there which can fix that problem easily for free. By using these online tools you will easily get rid of that and user can easily download any file without facing any ‘Online-Survey’.

Bypass Online Survey Using Websites

It is one of the most common ways to get rid of ‘Online Survey’. Here we reveal you step to step guide and recommend you best sites.


It is one of the simplest interfaces to remove survey from any site to download any desired file which you want.

• First, open the site ‘’.

• Simply copy the ‘URL-link’ of that site which demands the online-survey.

• Now, paste this copied ‘URL-link’ in the URL search box which you find on the homepage of ‘’.

• Once you do that than simply hit on ‘Go Button’ and finally you will get to that page from where you can download your desired file.

• Along with this you can also select the option like Encrypt URL, Encrypt Page, Allows cookies, Remove object etc.

2. Survey Remover

This is one of the fastest and user-friendly interfaces for ‘Bypass Boring Surveys’. Now, you can easily download any locked file or visit any locked page without the ‘Survey’.

3. Survey Smasher

‘Survey Smasher’ & ‘Survey Remover’ using the same procedure for Bypass the online Surveys. All you have to do just simply copy and paste the URL into the search box and hit on ‘Go Button’.


The above-mentioned site removes the online survey but, if in some cases if they fail to do so than you can also try these methods to get rid of ‘online survey’ for better browsing experience.

Different methods to get rid of ‘online survey’.

Method 1:

(i) Using No-Script

This method blocks ‘online survey’ so that you can download your desired file but it won’t applicable to all survey but still it’s the useful method. The add-on feature is a free interface which you can get on ‘Firefox’.

• First users have to install the ‘No Script add-on’.

• Open the ‘Firefox’ then click on to Add-ons. Once you did that then search for ‘No-Script’ in the search box.

• Finally, add ‘No Script Security Suite’ to Firefox.

Note: “Let me clear you first that it’s not for chrome users. If you accessing ‘Firefox’ than, only you can use this method.”

(ii) By blocking script to disable a survey

It is also a handy method but sometimes, few ‘online survey’ is programmed in such a manner that, you can’t bypass it until you fill the required info. In that case, this method won’t be able to fulfill your expectations.

• When you load this page then on the bottom of the page you see a bar.

• Then, by clicking on ‘Option Button’ you will able to control what is being bypassed and blocked.

Note: If you are chrome user than you also find a ‘Script Blocker’ option there but it is not powerful as ‘No-Script’ for ‘Firefox’.

Method 2:

By disabling JavaScript

It is a very easy and useful method to bypass ‘online-surveys’. All you need to do just perform some basic setting steps.
How to disable JavaScript in Chrome

• Open the Chrome and on the top right side, you see an icon name as ‘customise and control Google Chrome icon and click on to that.

• Click on to ‘Setting’ option.

• Then, ‘advanced settings’ option will appear on bottom click on to that.

• When you did with this then, click on to ‘Content Setting’.

• Which leads to an option ‘Do not allow any site to run JavaScript’.

• Finally, click on to that for bypass the online survey.
Disable JavaScript in Firefox

• Open the ‘Firefox’ browser and click on to ‘open menu’ icon which you find on the top right side of the page.

• Click on to ‘options’ icon.

• Select the ‘content tab’.

• Finally, you find ‘JavaScript’ option and then click on to tick to disable the all ‘JavaScript’.

Method 3:

Using fake information

If you still, looking for an option to skip survey than you should you for ‘fake information generator’. It will generate a fake identity on your behalf like phone no, name, and address etc to fill up an online survey.

There are many sites available which can do that for you but among all is best among all. It fills your detailed fake information to bypass online survey for free.

• First, all you have to do visit the site

• Then, by gathering all the information it will generate a ‘Fake identity’ for you.

• Now, you can fill out the survey by accessing your fake information.

Note: “In case if you need valid email ID than create a free account so, that you can access your emails.”


Now, as follows the above-mentioned sites & methods you can easily skip any online survey for downloading. You don’t have to go through all those headache work for downloading any file.

So access these techniques to make your downloading experience worst to best. Hope you will make most of it.

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