7 Easy Ways to Convert OXPS to PDF online: Converters

What is OXPS file?

OXPS is a file extension created in an Open XML Paper Specification file format. It is just like a PDF file format and reveals out the content and layout of a document. Basically, OXPS (open XPS) format is an extension to XPS file format.

7 Easy Ways to Convert OXPS to PDF online: Converters

Initially, the XPS file format was introduced by Microsoft and Ecma International. So that we can easily share, edit or print our digital documents easily.

The drawback of OXPS over PDF?

The XPS file format is not so popular even after 10 years because of the majority of people familiar with PDF file format. OXPS file format is very complex to access in comparison to PDF.

PDF support dynamic functionality whereas XPS fails to do so. Operating systems like Macintosh do not support inbuilt plug-in to use XPS or OXPS file format, but they do support for PDF format.

So we need to convert our OXPS files to PDF so that we can easily use it.

Best Online Tools for Converting OXPS into PDF

1 Online 2 PDF.com

Through this online tool, you can easily convert OSPX files into PDF and it has many key features like.

• First, you have to select the file which you want to convert, edit, unlock or merge.

• You can perform many options, depending upon your file like rotate PDF pages, recorder pages, or select a particular page.

• For security purpose, you can add a password so that, it can be read-protected.

• On the left side, you see “select file” option, where you have to drag and drop your files.

• On the right side, you see option convert, by clicking on to that your file gets converted.

• It supports formats like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, XPS, PDF etc.

Note: you can select up to 20 files but all files size not exceeds than 100 MB and maximum size of a file is 50MB.

Online 2 PDF

2 oxpstopdf.com

Another smart online tool for instantly convert OXPS to PDF and it is a very user-friendly tool.

• You don’t have to install it or even no registration is required for accessing it.

• All you have to do just click onto “upload file” option and you can select up to 20 OXPS files, which you need to convert.

• Once you have done that then wait for the conversion to be done completely and you can download the files one by one.


3 www.file-extensions.org

This is another a smart online tool for converting your files to PDF. You can convert your files into 3 easy steps.

• First when you visit this site, then you see the download option there.

• To access, click on the download and it’s totally free of cost.

• On the right side, you just have to fill the file type name for ex: OXPS to PDF and then click on to search converter.


4 xps2pdf.co.uk

You can use it personally, but you can access it commercially after approved by a service provider. It is simple, quick and very easy to use.

• It is an online service and it is totally free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny from your pocket.

• Firstly, you have to click on to “Browse” option, then choose a file, where you saved in your system.

• When you do that then click “convert to PDF”.

• Then simply download your converted PDF files. You’ll get all this tool on the left side of the web.


5 www.reaconverter.com

It’s another very simple tool to access that can easily convert the huge number of files and folder in very simple operations.

• Open the site, then on the left side you see the option to install the real converter. Click on to install the rear converter.

• Start real converter and then add the files which you want to convert to PDF files.

• It supports a batch conversion at a single time and by doing that you can save your time as well.

• You see an option name as “saving option” by click on to that you can save your converting files, where you want.

• Finally, select “PDF as output format and click on start button.



6 www.coolutils.com

It’s another online line converter which converts all your files and images into your desired format.

• When you open the site, then by click on to “select file” option you select your file, where you place it.

• You can convert OXPS as well as pdf, esp, XPS etc file formats to convert.

• Click on to “download converted file” and you get the converted file.

• Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll get the complete list of supported conversions.


7 www.primopdf.com

Primo pro is another user-friendly converter who easily converts your files in a short period of time.

• Initially, you can download its free trial version for accessing its services.

• When you download it, then simply you have to pick the file and drop it to convert it OXPS to PDF format.



Here in the above-mentioned articles we cover all best converters. Which helps you find to convert your files easily and save your time as well.

Now you don’t have to go through that complexity which you faced in the past. Hope you can make most of it.

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