Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and MAC

Most of peoples are passionate and love the music and want to create awesome sound effects and different types of beats music sounds. Beast making software provides you compose your kind of music and beats.

Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and MAC

Here we listed the best free beat making software which will give you a chance to make your preferred music out. All these software are easy to use and most of them are free.

12 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows and MAC

  1. Hotstepper

Hotstepper is great to beat making software which to provides you to create the unique music beats. This software is free, easy to use and compatible with both Mac and Windows. This software provides 12-channel drum sequencer for Windows to create amazing music beats.


It has adjustable velocity and pitch for every sound and adjustable pattern size and resolution. The features of this software are sounds can cut-off other sounds when started, organize patterns into a song and much more.

  1. FL Studio

FL Studio is easy to use and free beat making software which used to start making awesome beats sounds. It is available for both Windows and Mac. The feature of this software is amazing like arrange, create, record, mix and edit your beats and music. FL Studio is viewed as an imaginative, inventive and natural programming when contrasted with the others.

FL studio

  1. MuseScore

MuseScore is another professional music notation software for creating unique and attractive music. It is completely free and no limitations. It is easy to use and highly recommended for those who are beginners.

With this software, transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI and more. MuseScore is worked for Windows and Mac.


It has useful features like edit alter tracks in the wake of sparing them and later on trade those music documents in different configurations, for example, Flac, OGG, Wav, and so on.

  1. Ordrumbox

Ordrumbox is a novel open-source beat making programming which has turned out to be exceptionally famous in recent year because of its propelled usefulness.

On the off chance that you have Windows, Linux and Mac form at that point is it a standout amongst other alternatives to make your own particular beat.A user can download this product for nothing from the site of Ordrumbox and make the most of its simple to utilize yet intense highlights.


The product gives a user a chance to change the in-fabricated settings to make their own music easily. Trading music records made with this apparatus are likewise extremely basic.

  1. MAGIX Music Maker

Magic music maker is amazing to beat making software compatible with windows. With software, different types of sound pools, Large sound libraries and much more. You can easily run this software on 2gb ram and 521 MB graphic card device and create own music with soundpools and record music. Magic music maker provides lifetime of free updates.

MAGIX Music Maker

  1. Drumflow

It is another great free open source beat making software for Windows and Mac. It is very free and easy to use. From this software, you can make astounding beats and modify the pitch and tone while delivering a beat and change directions to make remarkable music. You can find large music library here and make awesome music.


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  1. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is another best free beat making software for nothing accessible for the two windows and Mac. This software is easy to use and create, modify, mix, compose using the powerful features of this tool.

In this software files saved in various file format like WMV, Mp3 and so more. With software, create music files without any complication. It has powerful tools and intuitive graphical interface based on QT 4.


Some features like single and stacked pattern mode, export/Import single patterns into song projects and much more create the sound effect.

  1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is another great beat making software which used to make or create unique musical sound. It is paid software but you can enjoy the free trial. It is available for Windows and Mac. It offers a cool interface with many useful features to create new tunes. There are plenty of built-in tunes that can help you to compose exceptional music.


  1. LMMS

LMMS is another best free beat making software available for Windows and Mac. The features of this software are amazing (packs the huge variety of instruments, save their tracks in MMPZ or MMP format) to compose your own music.


It is anything but difficult to utilize usefulness to make mind-blowing music and beats. It has plenty of presets on the left-hand side of the panel that can be added to your track. The software cannot import mp3 files and this is a huge con.

  1. Garageband

Garageband is free to beat making software compatible with both Windows and Mac. This software gives sound library that incorporates programming instruments and presets for guitar and voice.


It has 50 virtual musical instruments and works as a standalone app for music lessons for guitar and piano.  You can export the composed music files in any format.

11. Native Instruments Maschine MK2

It is another beat making software which provides different type instruments and uses for generating amazing beat music. This software is available for Windows and Mac. With great features, you can create awesome beast music effect. It is free and easy to use. It also provides the free demo to you on PC.

Native Instruments Maschine MK2

12. Musink Lite

Musink Lite is one of the least complex beat making programming which enables a user to create music easily. This software is very useful for beginners because of awesome features of this software.This software is compatible with Windows. With software, export file in the various format like MID, loops and much more.


The software additionally gives users a chance to zoom in or out to see everything obviously and let them control the entire program through console alternate routes.


In this article, we specified best beat making software to make your own music with the amazing beat. You can choose software which is suitable for you. So, go ahead let us know which one you like the most in comments.

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