10 Best Contact Management Softwares for Mac and Windows

Our contact lists keep on getting bigger and bigger every day. Along with the contacts you also have a large number of email addresses, phone numbers and messages to handle. To handle all these contacts at once, you definitely need a tool that can save and manage them properly before you lose them.

Best Contact Management Software's for Mac And Windows

If you are looking for the perfect tool to manage your contacts, here is a list of the top contact management softwares for your windows and Mac.

  1. Gmail/ Google contacts

This one obviously had to be at the top of the list since everyone is familiar with the name. Google contacts is very well known for the web accessibility that it provides. Also its inbuilt management system has one of the best clients of email linked along with it.

Everything that is linked with Google will definitely be backed up and your contacts will not be any exception. There are numerous third party apps that support the infrastructure.

google contacts

The syncing tool and the contacts tool however are different from the Gmail and will keep all your contacts at one place, backed up and synced.

  1. Plaxo

This is another tool for managing all your contacts. Just like the Gmail, it can be easily accessible anywhere and everywhere since it is a web interface. The best and unique thing about Plaxo is that it supports the syncing of all the popular contact management applications at once.


This includes the syncing of Microsoft Outlook and also the Address Book from Apple. Apart from a web browser, it also features a desktop application that is more easy and convenient to use in both Mac and Windows.

  1. Pipedrive

If you are a team of entrepreneurs or influences with loads of aspirations and ambitions, then this tool will be one of the best options for you. You can easily visualize the pipeline of your sales as this tool will keep all your contacts and activities safe, secured, and intact.

Many people around the world prefer to choose Pipedrive due to its ease of use and accessibility. You can use it anywhere on the go.


Also, this is one of the best contact management tools if you are looking forward to forecasting various deals. If needed, you can sync it with MailChimp, Google apps and Zapier.

  1. Address Book

Users owning a Mac system need not look for any other contact management tools. The Address Book from Apple is so easy and convenient to use that you can integrate any of your Mac applications and it will run smoothly.

Also, it comes inbuilt with your Mac system so you don’t have to worry about the installation of the software. You won’t feel the need to do anything to sync your contacts.

Address book

The Address Book seamlessly and effortlessly syncs all your contacts and organizes in such a way that it becomes easy for you to manage.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the easiest and probably one of the earliest contact management tools in the market.  It is used mostly by office people or workmen for their ease of working.

It has tons of third party applications that help in enhancing the performance. Also, it features a sync plug in for Plaxo so that you can easily connect your Outlook account with it.


You can easily get your organizing stuff done right and hassle free with Microsoft Outlook without the need of too many tools for contact management.

  1. Palm PDA

The Palm software will never be out of style, in case you thought so. Many users out there swear by the contact management tools by the Palm’s OS. You can easily sync all your mobile contacts with your desktop, Windows or Mac, by connecting the mobile Palm software and the one on your desktop system.

palm pda

You can easily manage all your phone contacts in your mobile from your computer by simply using the Palm software. It keeps all your contacts safe and intact and makes it easy for you to manage them.

  1. Sage

This is one such contact management tools that features contact history, contact information, and integrates all your contacts with the social networking platforms. The user interface is not as much friendly as the other softwares, but all your contacts and all the information is organized well and neatly.


Also, you can link your other accounts like Microsoft Outlook, Facebook, Google Contacts, LinkdIn and Twitter if you wish to so that you can stay updated with all the forums at one single place.

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best tools for managing your contacts. It is very well designed and the user interface is so easy to use that you will definitely love using this software. You can upload documents of your choice along with various notes, call logs and customized tags.


You can use this software for not only displaying the personal information of your contacts, but also their business information and the relevant documents that you might have collected from them earlier.

  1. amoCRM

This software is one step further from the rest of the contact managing tools. It has new integration and features that will help you in keeping your leads very well organized. This tool helps in organizing and tracking whatever activities you perform, be it on your phone, websites or email.


It helps in syncing all the applications that has your contacts and synchronizes everything at one place. You will definitely not feel the need to download any other software once you use this contact managing tool.

  1. NetSuite

This is a kind of management software for your clients and is a type of a business solution. It features the incorporation of a few of the popular applications for contact management and is very easy to use.

Also, it has several tools that interact with your customers, manages your email campaigns and tracks your leads. Also, you can automatically import and track the visitor’s of your company’s website.


The software also features a cloud based protection for all of your data that helps in the integration of the software very quickly. You can use this tool to help in the growth of your business.

These were the top contact management software’s for your Windows and Mac operating systems that you can choose from. Once you download them, you will not feel the need to worry about managing your contacts, emails, and other related stuff. Make your lives easier and smarter with these amazing applications on your desktop.

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