10 Best Free and Paid Screen recorders for Mac OS X

Screen recorders are bits of programming that enable you to record screen activities, finish with mouse developments, clicks, and at times, sound and video too, including outer gadgets as data sources. Screen software is able to capture videos in high quality. Mac screen recorder programming for nothing and several paid recorder applications that has some broadened includes best for proficient utilize.

Screen Recorder software allows you to capture the all screen of your Mac and also audio recording, selected window recording and much more. Hopefully, there is software that you can capture, edit your pictures and videos the way you want.

Best Screen Recorders for Mac You Should Use

  1. Camtasia 2

Camtasia is for Mac OS X user for recordings the entire screen. It’s not restricted the user up to the recordings, but while recording time – period you can zoom in and out, editing and mixing in different parts of the screen.

Camtasia also has different-different visual effects, it has a very unique “green-screen” mode, through which you can indulge yourself in the video.  The video made with Camtasia 2 is very interactive. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most powerful recorders especially build for professionals.

Camtasia 2

Through its TechSmith fuse mobile app in which you can bring videos and photos into Camtasia studio from your iPhone, Windows and Android phone devices.

  1. Snapz Pro X

It is compatible with OS X 10.8 or later developed by Ambrosia software. Snapz Pro X is especially used when, you have to capture a specific region on your screen with the help of a resizable drag box, but that does not mean it can’t capture the full screen.

Snapz Pro X

With the help of this, you can also record anything which appears on the screen. Initially, you can enjoy its free trial version for 15 days after that you have to pay the amount of $69 for its continue services.

  1. Screen flow

It has a similar function like Camtasia, but in that, you have more control over recording the desktop videos. Once you record and edit the videos after that you can zoom in and out, cropped it, to make it more professional and interactive. Screen flow is very user-friendly over Camtasia. It’s compatible with OS X 10.10 or later, developed by Telestream.

Screen flow

Screen flow has a unique feature just not too records the videos from Mac screen, but it also offers you to record the videos by connecting iPhone, iPad to it. Motion control one of the key feature through which you can zoom into particular interesting parts of your screen.

  1. Snagit

If you are not looking for professional level tools, then Snagit offers you to record your screen and makes changes to it, according to your desires. Through Snagit you can retain all your recordings in a tray from there it can be quickly retrieved. It’s coming from same developer TechSmith, who offers you Camtasia, but there is no doubt about its reliability.

“Scrolling capture” mode its unique features through which you can take snapshots of, web pages and share them with an ease. You can also capture a particular region of your entire screen by selecting a frame of that specific area.


You can quickly upload the short videos through it. Snagit is compatible with OS X 10.9 or later and windows.

  1. Quick Time player

If you do not want to spend a single penny then the Quick Time player is best for you. For the best recording, you should go to a part of the screen instead of capturing the entire screen.

Very easy to use, first launch the Quick Time player and then go to File Menu, start screen recordings. You can select the microphone of your choice and select none option if you do not need any audio recording.

Quick Time player

Its latest version offers you some basic editing features. Compatible with OS X all versions and developed by Apple Inc.

  1. Monosnap

Monosnap is another free application, which is used for quick video records and snapshots like Snagit. Through this, you can record both microphone audio and webcam video. It’s available on numbers of platforms which makes it quite unique.


Monosnap especially, for those users which are just looking for recordings not for making it very attractive. It’s compatible with IO X 10.8 or later (64-bit) developed by farminers ltd.

  1. VLC

You might be shocked to see this on the list because we generally used this as a video player, but instead of that, it can also capture screen. When you open VLC media player then navigates the menu bar, then clicking on to file to open the screen capture device tool.

If you aren’t looking for a quick record without making it attractive that you want to keep up with you like most people do then this is also a good option for you. Through this, you can make an adjustment to audio and select a frame rate which best suits your video.

It’s compatible with OS X 10.5 or later developed by Video LAN organization.

  1. Quickcast

Quickcast is another helpful free menu bar app through which you can capture either customized region of your choice or full screen. If you are looking for short screencast with rapid speed, then through this you can do that.


You can also capture both external mic and webcam up to 3-5 minutes of recordings. Compatible with OS X 10.89 or later (64-bit) developed by Reissued.

  1. Jing

Jing is screen capture software that enables you to catch any parts of your screen and spare that territory as a static picture or even a video. Truth be told, it enables you to include content and attract promote consideration regarding the territory you need to feature.

Like different projects, this program additionally enables you to impart the picture or video to loved ones. The user interface is good that allows you working on a web application instead of a real program.


The features are amazing for this software and easy to use. You can edit capture image and video however you like. This software is totally free.

  1. OBS

OBS is another screen recorder software which allows editing, can capture a number of different presets including specific window, region or full screen, allows changing several parameters when recording video, and more.

It is work with Mac and also Windows and Linux as well.The features of this software are mind boiling like image masking, color correction, chroma/color keying, and much more.


It is open source software free software for video recording and live streaming. This software provides a powerful tool to edit the video like noise gate, noise suppression, and gain.


These are 10 best Mac OS X screen recording software that we conclude here. Now, it’s totally up to user requirement for what purposes it looks for.

We recommend Snagit and Quick time player for those who not looking for a professional video. Through this, you can make simple instructional videos that can be shared with others.

In our opinion  Camtasia and Screen flow for those users, who looks for the best among all because it’ll give you a professional video experience and time-saving as well. Initially, you can download its free trial version.

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