How to fix most annoying iOS 10 problem

iPhone is the biggest name in all over mobile brands. iPhone is known for its features or iOS (iPhone operating system) software. iOS 10 has the new feature like changes the way of write, send texts and use Siri within an app. But iOS 10 has some annoying problem like Bluetooth, battery drain etc. But don’t worry about that you can fix this annoying problem.

How to fix most annoying iOS 10 problem

Bluetooth problem:

Bluetooth problem is the most common issue in an iOS device. Bluetooth audio problem creates when listening to the music in a car. Bluetooth connections (speakers and headsets) when playing music and call, it is completely disconnected with the system. To fix this problem firstly forget the Bluetooth connection. After that, try for reconnecting.

If still can’t connect then reset your device. In few seconds your device will forget known Bluetooth devices. Reconnect and try again. Or, if all else fails, you can take your device to an Apple Store, where you can rule out any hardware issue.

Battery drain problem:

In iOS 10 device a most common problem reported that is battery drain problem. When you first introduce iOS 10, your device will likewise need to reindex a lot of information. That incorporates things like your contacts, your photographs, and anything that is searchable with Spotlight. That happens out of sight, yet it’s a long procedure that can affect battery life.

How to fix most annoying iOS 10 problem

For fix battery drain problem there some step follow.

• When you don’t use the lock screen widgets, turn off it.

• Handicap the new Raise to Wake highlight.

• Eliminated notices.

• Screen battery utilization and check for any rebel applications, and attempt customary battery-sparing systems.

• Check the brightness slider.

• Turn the Wi-Fi off and just use cellular data to conserve some battery life.

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Raise to wake:

Raise to wake is new features in iOS 10 device. It consequently wakes your iPhone when you lift it up and it’s confronting towards you. This feature is available for iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. It is also annoying because the screen turns on when you move hand over it.

Raise to wake

For fixing this annoying some step here:

Step 1: open the setting.

Step 2: open display & brightness.

Step 3: Flip off Raise to wake in the event that you need to debilitate it, generally turn it on to empower.

Remove Notification Badge App Icon:

Naturally, iOS demonstrates a red warning identification symbol on a home screen application for new notices. You can rapidly look at the home screen and the identification will appear on the off chance that you’ve any new notices.

Remove Notification Badge App Icon

It is also annoying, it demonstrates a lot of warnings or they may very well incline toward a cleaner look. You can easily fix this annoying on your iOS 10 devices.

Step 1: Go to setting

Step 2: Open the Notifications and select the app which you want remove the badge for.

Step 3: Disable the Badge app switch.

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iOS 10 breaking iPhone:

The dispatch of iOS 10 was to some degree damaged by far-reaching reports of the OS bricking different device when clients attempted to introduce the OTA (Over-the-air) refresh – tolerating the refresh made phones and tablets enter the feared ‘associate with iTunes’ screen. There some to fix this annoyi8ng problem.

iOS 10 breaking iPhone

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to a Windows PC or Mac that supports iOS 10.

Step 2: Open iTunes

Step 3: Press and hold the Sleep and Home catches on the iPhone or iPad until the Recovery Mode screen shows up.

Step 4: Check iTunes for a prompt to either update or restore the device.

Step 5: Select Update.

Step 6: Wait for the phone or tablet to update and continue setup on the device.

Hey Siri Problem:

Hey, Siri is another annoying. On the off chance that the “Hey Siri” include quits working appropriately after you move up to the most recent form of iOS 10 there are a couple of potential workarounds to attempt before reaching Apple bolster.

Hey Siri Problem

For fix problem firstly

• Turn off the Siri.

• Restart your device

• If it does not work then reboot your device.
Sound Problem:

One of the most commonly reported issues with iOS 10 is a disappointing sound problem. Don’t worry about that you can fix this problem.

To start with, attempt a straightforward restart. Shut down your iPhone or iPad and walk out on to check whether that makes a difference. This has worked for us before. We likewise suggest taking a look at your speaker grille to ensure there isn’t any flotsam and jetsam development bringing on the issue.

On the off chance that you see something, precisely evacuate it and check whether that enhances your sound.

You may likewise have a go at downloading the most recent form of iOS 10 (iOS 10.2.1) to check whether that tackles the issue. It could very well.

Home Unlock:

In iOS 10 devices provide new features Press Home to Unlock. In iOS 10 replaced the old pattern side to unlock. When unlocking your device, presses the Home Button twice once to wake up the device and then the other to unlock. When your device locks with Touch ID then tap a finger on Home button.

Home Unlock

Some following steps are:

Step 1: go to setting.

Step 2: click on general then go to Accessibility.

Step 3: Explore to Home Button and empower the change Rest Finger to Open.

You’ll now have the capacity to open your Touch ID-empowered iPhone by simply laying your finger on the Home button.

Send Message from Lock Screen:

In iOS 10 new features added send a message from the lock screen. You can send messages easily even from the lock screen. If your iPhone falls into wrong hands another person can easily see your messages use it in wrong way.

Send Message from Lock Screen

So don’t worry about it you can prevent this from your friends. you can follow some step which gives below:

Step 1: Go to the Setting app

Step 2: open Touch ID and Passcode.

Step 3: enter password

Step 4: Look down and you will discover a flip marked answer with a message.

Step 5: Turn it off to incapacitate answering to message from bolt screen.

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