10 Best Web Browsers for Linux

The web browser is most frequently used an application on a computer. This is one which chooses after turn on the computer. Maximum people are most of the time spend on a browser. Many web browsers are available for Linux.

10 Best Web Browsers for Linux

Linux is an open source. Here we listed the best web browsers for Linux which help to get smartest and fastest browsing experience than ever. All web browsers in this rundown are thoroughly allowed to download, introduce and utilize.

Best Web Browsers for Linux

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is most useful and popular browser in the universe. It has the biggest number of users than any other web browser. This browser is available for all platforms like Android, Mac and Windows device.

Google Chrome is an invulnerable program that customizes all the indexed lists that quickly shows on your screen before you are finished writing. You can without much of a stretch peruse already went to website pages progressively.

Google Chrome

The harmonize is one of its best element which gives you a chance to utilize one record to get to all your perusing inclinations, expansions, history and bookmarks from any gadget you utilize.

2. Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a best, free and open source web browser in which the Page loading time is fast and Google search is fast. It is the third most popular browser in world. The browser supports synchronization, pdf and other document formats and flash and you can utilize private window (tab), bookmark you’re most loved site thus numerous more things do on it.


The previous name of this browser is Phoenix then it becomes firebird and now we have known as Firefox. The features of this browser are amazing like add-ons and extensions.

3. Chromium

Chromium is fast and suitable browser for Linux. It is open source project that Chrome based on and constantly improved by the contributions of developers across Linux community. The features of this browser are similar as Chrome like apps, bookmarks, private browsing and much more.


Chromium is equipped for giving a perfect stage to peruse anything of your decision quickly effortlessly. Most of online developer spent the time on Chromium OS.

4. Midori

Midori is an open source and lightweight browser for Linux. Midori is amazing and devours less RAM and processor. The program offers a quick page stacking and a crisp plan. In spite of the fact that there is less number of augmentations and applications accessible still the web program remains as a strong programming for Linux user.


It supports both GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3, and it’s based on WebKit. It comes with various features like smart bookmarks, ad blocking, mouse gestures, and much more.

5. Opera

Opera is new user interface gives a fresh browsing experience on Linux. It supports multiple themes and add-on to ease up your day to day tasks. On the off chance that offers such a large number of highlights, they are the portable motion, expansions, download chief and private Window (tab).

If you at any point utilized opera in the Window or your Android then you will love to utilize opera show in Linux too.


In the new form of opera, you will see loads of concealed component like additional items, deluge, and you can likewise get to your PC drive through opera program. It is available in 42 different languages.

6. QupZilla

QupZilla comes with better features and its own ad blocker and speed dial. It provides optimization, bookmarks, history, RSS feeds, ad blocked, speed dial, and more. It is lightweight browser and takes less space in memory. It takes short time to load the Google and other page. QupZilla based on Webkit and best web browser for Linux.

7. Konqueror

Konqueror is another open source web browser for Linux. It is free, quick and solid multi-reason program, which can be utilized as a record administrator and in addition web browser.


With Konqueror, you would straight be able to away get web access and document watcher usefulness for record frameworks, for instance, your neighborhood documents, documents those are accessible on a remote FTP server and those documents which are accessible in a circle picture.

8. Pale Moon

Pale Moon is based on Mozilla and offers angelic homepage and good performance for Linux. Pale Moon is famous for its features speed optimization and auto-palatalization and other. It also removes all add-on features which are not required. This browser is also available for Vista and Mac OS. Pale Moon is a simple suggestion for anybody felt worn out one of Mozilla’s jokes.

pale moon

9. Maxthon

Maxthon is another free and ad-free browser web browser for Linux. Maxthon has significantly more to offer to its user, for example, it can execute gliding window, and fly up advertisements to give you a smooth perusing knowledge than at any other time. It is created by a China-based organization and it is likewise accessible in more than fifty-three dialects.


10. Web

The first of this browser is Epiphany and now we knew as Web. This browser is part of GNOME project also developed in C language open source code. It evacuates pointless extra highlights which are not required like, crash journalist, openness equipment highlights, and targets Vista and later OS.

tor web browser

It also removes add-on which are not required. The web is the best web browser for Linux because offered tons of amazing features such as private browsing, pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and browser sessions.


These were the best web browser for Linux. Make sure that you know what your requirements are and choose the right one based on your needs. Take into consideration for the various features and options the particular browser features.

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