7 Apps That Delivers Booze At Your Doorstep

It is the age of speed, fast delivery. You are no more queuing up at groceries and fashion stores and haggling prices to the last penny. Sit in the comfort of your home and get your favorite items delivered to your doorstep by ordering through a mobile app.

Alcohol purchase is following a similar route. There are delivery services for wine and beer bottles, saving you the hassle of heading out to the liquor shops ahead of your upcoming party celebration. When you run out of a Scotch or mocktail, order it through a mobile app, show your valid ID to the delivery boy and get your alcoholic drinks delivered in no time. Monthly alcohol subscription boxes are trending as well to fulfill alcohol drinker’s sampling spirit. Here are seven promising apps to order your favorite booze and chill out with your friends.

1.  Drizly

A surprise visit from friends may need you to plan on food and drinks. Arranging for liquor bottles at the last hour can be a nervous exercise. If you need healthy alcoholic drinks in a hurry, you can place your order on the Boston-based Drizly app. It is an easy-to-use app with a simplified interface and delivers beer, wine and liquor to your doorstep in less than 60 minutes.

Enter your address and browse the selection of well-known and upcoming brands. You can even choose the stores from where you will like the delivery. Download the Drizly app on your smartphone device (Android and iOS) and get the shipping of your favorite alcoholic drinks and bourbons like Eagle Rare Bourbon in the shortest possible time. Drizly operates in over 100 markets, including Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.    

Visit Drizly.com

 2.  Boxed

If you need to stock up wines and spirits for an upcoming cocktail party and arrange your party items like chips, cups, and others, the Boxed app delivers both in less than two days. Apart from delivering imported and local alcohol brands, this multitasking online wholesaler also accepts orders of everyday essentials like fresh groceries, snacks, and pet food.

When ordering a malt liquor of your choice on the Boxed app, enjoy free shipping on orders over $49. The Boxed app delivers alcohol in New York, California, and Massachusetts.      

Visit Boxed.com

3.  Saucey

Alcohol delivery in 30 minutes. It is the brand promise of the Los Angeles-based Saucey liquor app. The alcoholic drinks portfolio on the Saucey app is multidimensional. You can order tequila, vodka, bourbon, whiskey, wine, and beer at Saucey. If you have burnt out energies after a long day at work or have had fewer chit-chat occasions with your friends, order your alcoholic picks on Saucey to unwind and enjoy.  

Besides drinks, Saucey also runs promos and offers add-on perks. This includes a private bartender for an hour on specific package points. Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, and San Francisco are some locations where this liquor app is currently active. More serviceable locations are in the pipeline.  

Visit Saucey.com

4.  Flaviar

Whiskey enthusiasts keep looking for new brands and labels for their drinking pleasure and celebrations. Flaviar app is a devoted app for whiskey lovers and explorers. On Flaviar, you will find some exciting and user-friendly features to help you with your whiskey selection.

The Flavor Spiral is an exploratory guide that helps you visualize, smell, and taste the spirit’s flavors before adding them to your shopping cart. The most in-depth alcohol delivery app, Flaviar, gets you to access over 20,000 bottles with their complete information on the distillery backgrounds, flavor profiles, and intriguing trivia. It’s a multi-sensory drinking experience for adults of drinking age.

Visit Flaviar.com

5.  Instacart

Instacart started as a grocery delivery app, but it has expanded its portfolio to liquor delivery in many American states like New York, California, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Ohio.        

It has also tied up with nationwide retailer Total Wine & More. This cross-promotion helps put up a giant selection of wines sourced from popular wine-producing regions in the world.        

Visit Instacart.com

6.  FreshDirect

FreshDirect app delivers more than seasonal and farm-fresh produce, grocery brands, and chef-prepared meals. Aside from fresh pantry items, seafood, and meats, it also delivers a variety in beer, cider, and wines and spirits.

This alcohol delivering app has a featured section showing best deals weekly on spirits and wine. You can use this app in New Jersey, Washington, parts of Connecticut, greater New York City, and greater Philadelphia, but delivery is possible only in New York for the moment.  

Visit Freshdirect.com

7.  Swill

A liquor store in your pocket. That’s the essence of the Swill alcohol delivery mobile app. Swill connects first-time and avid drinkers to local merchants specializing in fast delivery of liquor, beer, wine, and margarita mixers. 

The Swill app is functional in 15 cities and guarantees local delivery in less than an hour. Reviewers love this app’s weekend selection of sparkling wine and Bloody Mary, amongst others.    

Visit Getswill.com

Bottom Line

If you have a romantic date night, a celebratory occasion at the office, or an evening barbeque with social friends, revel in drinks delivered right to your doorstep via mobile app shopping. Browse critics ratings of your favorite and new alcoholic drinks to make your liquor selection on apps easier, contactless, and secure.

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