Top 10 Web-Based Tools For Text-To-Speech Conversion

Text-to-speech is a brilliant technology, in that we convert our text into speech. It offers us to convert our text into mp3, WMB format and due to that, we can narrate, practice our reading material more precisely.

It is a very useful tool, especially in the field of education or other; through this, you can easily and quickly able to understand that big paragraph more accurately.

Top 10 web-based tools for text-to-speech conversion

Best web-based tools for text-to-speech conversion

1) iSpeech.Org is a very user-friendly site through which you can easily convert text into speech for that, all you have to do the simple cut and paste the text into the text box and apply convert text.
Now you can easily read out with your ears, your favorite novels, books, etc. once your uploaded file is converted then it’ll auto-play.


Unique features:

• Through this, you can easily convert your Microsoft word, excel, blogs, power point, files.

• You can do multiple tasks like convert file, podcast, download it or even you embed your speech into that webpage those support HTML.

• It offers you high quality of speech audio in your natural voice different formats like mp3, WMA, mp4 etc.

• iSpeech translator reads translate text into 18 different languages and translates speaking text into 7 languages.

Go to:

2) SpokenText.Net

SpokenText.Net converts any text into speech very simply and supports different languages like English, German, French, and Spanish. You can record your notes, novels or others readable material and listen to them whatever you want too.


Unique features:

• You can convert your PDF, powerpoint files, word files, and emails, into speech.

• Once your text will be recorded then you can share it on through podcast and also download it.

• You can enjoy its trail which is valid for a weak.

Go to: SpokenText.Net

3) Im translator

You might not have a good experience with this site but that’s doesn’t mean at all this site is worst. Even after that its one unique quality makes it very versatile. It has an animated character speaking tool who reads out text in the voice that is really almost like a human voice.

First, you can convert your text into speech and then you can listen to it out into your desired language.

Im translator

Unique features:

• It has a spell checker tool which ensures you, whatever language you giving the input like English, Spanish, Chinese, and European etc it ends up with accurate mean.

• Through its multiple language virtual keyboards we can give input in more than 28 languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, Norwegian, French, German, and Italian etc.

• Forgetting its service free registration is required.

Go to: Im Translator

4) Vozme.Com

Vozme. Com converts your text into speech in mp3 format. It’s very simple to use when you visit if you see a textbox on the homepage of this site. All you have to do just simply paste the text into the textbox and then your text convert into speech.

The best part of this is that its conversion rate is very fast and no registration is required but you have to compromise on its sound quality, its voice sounds like a robotic rather than natural.


Unique features:

• It can read a text in many languages like English, Italian, Portuguese, Espanol, and Hindi.

• You can select the female and male voice option.

• No registration is required.

Go to:


It’s a web-based free service which allows you convert the written material into speech. It offers a user to make audio file up to 30 sec and if you want more time period then gold upgrade offers you unlimited files with 8 hours of running time period.


Unique features:

• Converts text, PDF, HTML, word, web-pages into speech.

• Converted files can be easily downloaded, e-mail, podcast, or embed.

• You can adjust the speed while listening to your speech.

• For accessing its services you need to create an account.

Go to:

6) Odiogo

This is a quite different site not because of its TTS conversion ability that’s all other above-mentioned sites do. This site focusing more on media, it transforms news sites so that you can download the files and easily go through all news in short period of time.


Unique features:

• Very high quality of text-to-speech with an audio which is very nearer to human.

• From your favorite news sites and blogs, it can automatically convert them into a podcast.

Go to: Odiogo


In that, you just have to enter the text into the textbox and choose the voice and get the resulting mp3 file on your system. This is a free service and you can use your speech files for commercial purpose also.

This site offers you to converts a large amount of data in short period of time.


Unique features:

• To access its service no registration is required and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

• You can listen to your speech in four different male and female voices.

• For listen to your speech you have to convert it to the mp3 format because you can’t listen to it online.

Go to:

8) Natural Readers

Natural Reader is software who converts your text into speech very easily. It also converts the written text into audio files like mp3, WAV so that you can listen to it on your system or iPod.

Natural Readers

Unique features:

• It converts text into speech in a natural human voice.

• Through this, you can also transform your PDF, word, powerpoint files, E-mails into speech.

Go to: Natural Readers

Others websites are who offers this service are:


YAKiToMe is a free content to-discourse online administration that yields you an exceptional human sounding discourse from your content archives. You can change over PDF, TXT, DOC documents to human sounding discourse utilizing YAKiToMe free online synthesizer.

They additionally let you download changed over the sound record with the goal that you can listen disconnected at whenever, anyplace.


Unique features:

• Needs Registration for use.

• Doesn’t work on Flash – Requires QuickTime to function.

• Speaks English, Spanish, French, German with male and female voices.

• Maintains a podcast library.

10) Paralink TTS Convertor

Paralink TTS Convertor is another best tool for text to speech conversion. You can record content substance and after that effectively hear it out utilizing your preferred playback arrangement. You cloud also record classic novel and listen to it your phone at where you want like gym and traveling. It provides trail account free.

 Paralink TTS Convertor

Unique features:

  • French, Spanish or German language.
  • Translator services available at hand.
  • Speed of speech can be varied.
  • 1000 character Limit


Text-to-speech is one solution for all text related problems. It has significant importance in every field of education, telecommunication etc. It’s especially a key tool for those who fond off the news, novels, they can listen that instead of reading that long paragraph.

Here we mentioned the top websites who giving TTS services. You can use any of them according to your requirements and hope you make most of it.

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