Loudness Equalization For Windows 10

You love to enjoy playing various types of media on your Windows 10. That is why you have reached this blog. The separate volumes and differing sounds of YouTube, music, podcast, and all other types of files have irritated users. It leads people to know about volume adjustment on their computers. In this blog, I will guide you on how to normalize sounds with loudness equalization for windows 10.

Do You Know About Loudness Equalization For Windows 10?

You may have watched TV shows online from your Windows 10 PC and observed that commercial ads have louder sounds than shows. It also happens with playlists and albums.

Therefore, to tackle this situation, Loudness Equalization arrived, and you can use it to normalize the sounds of your windows 10 PC. It works to turn the louder and quieter sounds to their average loudness. It does this by leveling the audio outputs. You can also use some sound cards that provide volume management features. But what about enabling loudness equalization? Let us do it.

Normalize Your Windows 10 Sound With Loudness Equalization:

To normalize your sound quality, you must follow these steps.
• Navigate to START MENU on desktop.

• Type SOUND on the search bar and click on it.
• Select default speakers or headphones from the list it shows.
• Look for the PROPERTIES corner and go to it.
• Go to ENHANCEMENTS at the top of the window.
• There are a few options on your screen.
• You can see the Loudness Equalization option with one check box beside it.
• Click on the check box.
• Kill the APPLY button to save the changes you have made.
• After that, hit on OK to close the window.

As soon as you complete this process, you can notice some changes in the dynamic range of sound. It will amplify quite sound and attenuate louder sounds. In some cases, configuring these audio ENHANCEMENTS will not support them. You can use Realtek Audio Equalizer.

Realtek Loudness Equalization:

Realtek HD sound card can help if you have missed Windows 10 loudness equalization. The product has obsoleted, but it can still work for various systems with a sound card in the motherboard.
To use Realtek, you must keep all the latest sound drivers to keep the software flawless.

How Does It work?

It comes with a compressor in it and a hard limiter. The compressor helps in boosting up the volume, and the limiter creates a barrier for high pitched sounds. Following steps are crucial to use Realtek.

Update Your Realtek Driver:

If you have an outdated Realtek driver, update it from the official website of Realtek. Check if any drivers have corrupted or not.

• Press Windows + X.
• Enter your command prompt.
• Click on YES, and it will show an account control window.
• Give input of “chkdsk volume:/f”
• It will investigate issues, and you can use this command to repair them. Command:- “chkdsk volume:/f/r/x”
• After that, press Y to RUN scan it PC restarts.
• It repairs your Realtek driver, and if you still face issues, then follow the below-given process.

Use Realtek Driver:

• Launch Realtek HD Audio Manager by clicking on the orange icon
• Choose your speakers tab.
• After that, hit on the SOUND EFFECTS option.

• Click on the loudness equalization checkbox.
• Restart your Windows 10 PC to save changes.

Another Way To Normalize Your Windows 10 Sound:

Both these ways are somewhat similar to each other, but you can use each of one does not affect your system. The following steps will guide you in enabling Loudness Equalization For Windows 10.

• Press Windows + R.
• Enter code:- mmsys.cpl, and click OK.
• Double click on the sound device under the PLAYBACK tab.

• Choose Loudness Equalization, and click OK.
• If you still have issues, then update your audio drivers. Follow these steps.
• Press Windows + X, and go to DEVICE MANAGER.
• Then after exploring Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.
• Click on Audio Device, and choose the UPDATE DRIVER option.

Use Alternative Audio Driver:

You can use an alternate audio driver if it helps. Follow these steps.

• Press Windows + X and go to DEVICE MANAGER.
• Explore Sound, Video, and Game Controllers.
• Tap on Realtek Audio, and select UPDATE DRIVER.
• If you see any prompt, select YES.
• It must work for you, but if not, then go with the option of UPDATE DRIVER and SEARCH AUTOMATICALLY to get back to Realtek.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand the step-by-step procedure for loudness equalization for windows 10 PC? In this article, I have covered the most possible and working ways so that you can normalize the sound output from your Windows 10 PC. Let us know if this article could help you.

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