How to disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10?

If you are a “window 10” user, you must have come across the Windows 10 SmartScreen super feature. It is an in-built feature that protects users from unprotected web applications and web websites. Begin with Windows 8, Microsoft executed in-built operating system Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen feature to check for potentially harmful files.

When this option is enabled, the Windows SmartScreen filter sends information about each downloaded and runs the application to Microsoft servers. This information is analyzed and compared to their malware database. If Windows receives negative feedback about the server’s application, you will not be able to run the application anymore. Over time, applications build their reputation on their database. There is a downside: if the SmartScreen filter cannot find the information for an application you just downloaded, the apps will not run, which annoys you with pop that prevents you from installing a particular app or file. These messages make the SmartScreen filter undesirable for many users and know everything about what you are running and installing from Microsoft. Let’s figure out how to disable SmartScreen in Windows 10.

Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10

Step 1 –

You are looking for a quick and easy method to disable the SmartScreen filter on window 10. Then you must make use of the “App & browser control,” also known as the system settings menu. You can reach out to this option by Start Button.

Step 2 –

The SmartScreen option is explicitly displayed as “Enabled” on the corresponding page. You need to close Windows Defender SmartScreen to turn it off.

Step 3 –

You will receive a warning from Windows Defender: “SmartScreen for Windows Defender is disabled. Your device may be vulnerable. You can selectively hide the message and temporarily change the Warning flags to No if you want to install unknown files.

Do remember to assess the radio buttons which you get under “Check apps and files,” there, you will get two options: “Warn” or “Block”. If you prefer option “Warn”, SmartScreen notifies you whenever you open an anonymous file/ application.

If you go for the option “Block,” SmartScreen will display a warning message and block the file’s execution or application.

Some other alternatives are also available to disable the SmartScreen Filter in window 10; the above method is an easy-to-use method. But if you are unable to disable the SmartScreen filter by using this method, you can use Group Policy Editor.

If you are using windows for years, then you must have a quality experience. You are well aware of what is protected or unprotected in installing and downloading apps from an unknown source. So, you do not need to bother with the SmartScreen filter whenever you try to install or download an application or file.

Important Tip

If you are a new or novice Windows 10 user, we recommend that you do not disable SmartScreen. This will help protect you from malware. In fact, in Windows 10, Microsoft has also improved the SmartScreen Filter to integrate it with IE 11 and Microsoft Edge to help protect against malicious websites.

Just remember, if SmartScreen messaging isn’t bothering you and you want to keep all of the security benefits in Windows 10. Those of you familiar with your activity help to stop SmartScreen when installing software that you know what is safe or unsafe. I hope you have indeed received the answer to your query and disable the SmartScreen Filter in Window 10.


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