How to limit wi-fi on windows 10?

Are you working with a limited data plan? And experiencing data over problems every time and again. If yes, no need to worry when we are here to guide you in the best possible way we can.

Mobile data plans are really expensive as compared to those that you purchase from the ISP. It is a smart idea to limit data usage. Actually, there are some applications that run in the background and consume so much data. Hence, if you are a window ten user and looking for an easy and simple method to limit wi-fi window 10, then you will be glad to know that you are at the right place. Today we are going to share an easy method to limit wi-fi in window 10.

Let’s begin with the process without any further delay

Starting with Windows 10, in addition to cellular connections, you can set data limits and apply background data restrictions to Ethernet connections and wi-fi. An additional option has been added to the details page of the settings page. This is useful if you are using a mobile connectivity specialized computer or a metered Ethernet network connection. They allow you to adapt the use of your data to your budget and your needs.

Follow the below-given steps to set limit in windows 10

Step 1 – In order to set a limit on wi-fi, first you need to open the setting option.

Step 2 – Then move your cursor towards the option of Network and Internet.

Step 3- You will find a new page where you get the option of Data Usage (click on it)

Step 4- On the right side of the window page, you will get the option of (Show Setting For) and then select the desired connection.

Step 5- Below the option of Data limit, you will find the set limit option.

Step 6 – Here, you can set a limit as per your needs, configure your internet requirements and set the limit accordingly. This will help you to save tones of data, and you will be able to monitor your wi-fi usage.

Select the type of limit you want to use, including:

•Per month.

•One time.


Based on the choices you made in step 6, provide the requested information. For example, if you selected the Monthly option, you should provide:

Monthly data reset: Choose exactly when you want the data usage to reset the meter. (The billing cycle usually begins at this point.)

Data limit: Here, you can define the assignment of the data layer.

Drive: Specifies the data limit in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB).

Click the Save button.

After following these steps, Windows 10 will monitor your device’s data usage, set the network card as measured, and suspend OneDrive (if applicable) and other activities to reduce network usage. Then when you approach the limit, you will receive a warning that you are reaching your data limit.

It is a simple and easiest way to limit wi-fi windows 10. Even you can remove the data limit whenever you required. It’s totally under your control. There are several other options that can help you save data.

Once the limit is reached, you can still use the Internet. If you want to avoid additional costs, disconnect your device from the Network or connect it to a different network.

Limit background data

You can also restrict background data to limit data usage for Windows 10 features and Microsoft Store apps.

You can set this limit in the background data section. Available options always include, never, and never less than 10% of the limit. However, the latter option will be available only after you set the connection data limit.

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